Friday, January 23, 2015

Science Fantasy Short Story {Reaper: Chapter Seven Part Two}

In the future, where man has traveled to the stars and beyond, there exists guilds with special abilities. Two such guilds are the guild of assassins and the guild of mages. Their laws prevent them from working together. Reaper is the story of two members of the guilds, who ignored their laws and who fight for the greater good.
Genre: Science Fantasy Romance
“This?” The warrior gestured. “Is only a minor convenience. Had he not blocked my shot earlier, I would have destroyed your holographic matrix.”

Bomba huffed.

“What is your name Bakashi warrior?”

“My code name is Foreman.”

“Your target is the witch?”

“Yes, why are you helping her.”

“As a favor to Kiyah, do you remember him?”

Foreman looked down and to the right. “The old master. Yes, retired with full honors. It is rumored that he joined the resistance.”

“Yes. He died for their cause.”

“Then I do not fault you for your actions, but I accepted the mission to kill the girl.”

“Yet you know that this version was a hologram…. You were going to send a feedback through the hologram and find her unconscious body later.”



“Who is your employer,” Bomba asked.

“He won’t tell you that,” Zion said. “But the fact that he is working with a Kainian who is obviously not a Bakashi, says volume. He is a soldier. A high-level one at that.” Zion turned to the Kainian. “What does the Kainian empire want with her?”

The Kainian scoffed. “She hasn’t told you? You, my dear assassin have no idea what you are getting into. They are waiting for you at the Pein.” He took his undamaged hand and placed it in his pocket. He pulled out a data drive. “Take it, everything is legitimate.”

Bomba picked up the data drive. Her holographic body stiffened and pulsated with energy. “The data has been transferred.”

“So did you guys blow up my farm?” Zion asked.

“Farm? What farm?” The Kainian asked.

“Never mind.” Zion jumped over the bar.

“Sir,” Foreman said. “Where is the legendary Thunder and Lightning?”

“You have a fan,” Bomba said.

“Not a fan,” Zion said. “We are all taught the importance of history. We do not live in the past, but we do honor the past. I remember you, Foreman.”

“You remember me?”

“You were among the first year students when Kiyah brought me to the academy. ”

“You were so advanced at age ten that they put you among the seniors at the academy. When they said that you were dead. I knew that it wasn’t true.”

“Yes. By the way, I am going to steal your ship.”

“Understood. But I must stop you.”

“You will try. Also, you are honor bound to tell the guild what happened here. Tell them that I have decided on a new occupation.” Zion walked toward the floating foreman. “I don’t kill for money anymore. My current job is to protect the girl. Outside of that, I will not interfere with their business.”

“Yes. I am ready.”

Zion stopped just in front of Foreman. “Drop the shield.”


“We should fight on equal ground,” Zion said.

“It would only be equal if you had your twin guns.”

“Lightning and thunder are safely tucked away. A warrior has to fight with what he has.”

“Then I will only fight with my hands.”

“But he has four of them!” Bomba said.

“Please drop the shield.”

“Fine, suit yourself. Maybe this will lower the testosterone in here.” She waved her hand and Foreman came down with all four fists. Zion dodged. Foreman swung, his swing sending a fresh breeze over Zion.

“Reaper. Your marksman skills are legendary. But even with Bakashi training, you could never beat me in hand to hand combat. My people are legendary.”

“No doubt,” Zion said as he dodged another swing. “But The Lightning, started my mental training before I could walk. The Light—Dad, taught me that the most powerful weapon is the mind. I developed my sixth sense when I seven.” He jabbed Foreman in the shoulder with a knife hand.

Foreman grabbed his upper left arm. It lay limp at his side.  “What did you do?”

“Nothing that you can’t do with the right teacher and plenty of training,” Zion said. “But I will let you know a little secret.” Zion moved in quickly and jabbed Foreman with three more strikes. All four of his arms were now limp. “The sixth sense can be trained to sense weak point in virtually anything.” Zion slid forward, twisted and uppercut  Foreman in the jaw. The big man lay on the floor unconscious. “And you probably shouldn’t engage you opponent in conversation. He will probably try to throw you off your game.” Zion reached down into Forman’s utility belt and pulled out a ship’s key.

“Why do we need another ship?” Bomba asked.

“A guild ship is big enough to fit a small squad inside of it. I should be able to put your ship in the cargo bay. Since the ship belongs to them, they have no doubt travelled to Kainian space. We could use it for cover.”

“Oh, that’s a good idea.” She pointed to the Kainian. “But you probably shouldn’t have said all of that in front of him.”

The Kainian smiled. “Look, I have a family to go to. You don’t have to worry about me.”

“Do you trust him?” Zion asked.


“Good. His body language says that he is lying,” Zion said. “We will have to come up with a new plan.”

“No,” Bomba said. “I like your plan. I have a spell for this. Just stay here and make sure these two don’t go anywhere. I have to switch to my normal body.”

“All right,” Zion said as Bomba’s clones faded out of existence leaving a small metal sphere behind. The metal sphere’s then dropped to the ground and turned to metal fillings.

End of Chapter 7 Part 2
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