Monday, August 5, 2013

N-word, B-word and other words of foolishness

I won’t dignify those words by writing them out, and if you don’t know what words I am referring to, well that is good for you….

I won’t to appeal to common sense and ask everyone, including myself, to look at our vocabulary. Is our personal vocabulary so limited, that we can’t find alternative, more respectful words to use? Words that don’t reflect our intelligence, but can lead anyone to believe that the intelligence of the person using such words is low.

In particular, it is a terrible thing to do when you are conversing with another person out of love or anger. Why choose negative words or profane language? Even in an intense argument, when you revert to rude language, you show weakness.  

The B-word is a good example. If you are a woman and you use that word to describe yourself or another woman, what does that say about you? If you are a man and you refer to women in such a way, what does that say about you?  Is it ignorance or emotional damage?

The same is true with the N-word. No one should use that word, not even those that are born of African descent. I don’t care what music you listen too, what movies you watch, what your mother or father said, or if you or the living embodiment of Uncle Ruckus. There is no excuse. If you use that word, you are part of the problem—not the solution.

If you are not of African descent and you use that word when you know that there is a history of pain and suffering that comes with it… what does that make you?  

The most used defense of a vulgar vocabulary is Freedom of speech.

I notice that many people that call themselves good people with strong religious belief use freedom of speech as a justification for saying things that are hurtful to others.

 I don’t see God in that.

Eventually, we are just going to have to admit that we speak words of ignorance, mental instability or cowardice. But that doesn’t have to be who we are. We can all change if we recognize what is right and we make steps to live the right way. A way that respects our family, friends, neighbors and fellow man.

As long as there is language, there will always be some form of profanity, but just because it exists, doesn’t mean that we have to take part in it.