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Short Story Team Savant: Tiger Tale {Chapter 3 of 4}

A shy stutterer became friends with a narcoleptic girl, a telepath that looks surprisingly like the Roswell alien, a guy with three eyes, a water breathing princess with blue skin and a girl who can split herself into three people. From that day forward, he became Savant, the boy with a saber tooth tiger in his head. He along with his friends are Team Savant, the greatest cadet action team in the known universe. To catch up, read the arc of Team Savant Story click Here for the two previous chapter of the Short Story Egg-napped! 

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“Children, you stare at me with dark eyes and a darkened heart. Savant or do you prefer Cadet Captain Nathaniel Devereaux? Whatever. You practically look down on me and yet, you are wrong. I am the hero here.”

Nathaniel pressed furiously on his Uphone. “Explain.” Behind him, he stabbed the heel of his foot into the shield that caged Deragon.

“You are attempting to distract me, while you hope to find a means of escape… You are wasting your time.”

“You are wasting our time. What the Haliquock are you doing?” Angela asked.

“Dear sweet Angela Roberts. You are content to follow the cadet that housed the body of the creature that inadvertently orchestrated your near death accident?”

“This cadet has saved me multiple times.”

“She has saved me just as much,” Nathaniel said.

“We have saved each other. And aren’t you trying to kill us too? How are you any better than Deragon?”

“Why are you trying to reason with this madman?” Deragon said weakly. “Get me out of here, so I can tear him apart.”

Green gestured to the dozens of Bullyons behind him. “They have orders to injure, but if I must kill you for the greater good—I will.”

“Yeah—you are a real hero,” Angela said.

“But clearly you see the fault in him being the wool for a wolf.”

“So you deem Deragon a danger to Union,” Nathaniel said. “Is this a covert mission? Who sanctioned this?”  

“Wouldn’t you like to know?”

“When this is over and they disavow you,” Nathaniel said, “what will you do?”

Dr. Green laughed. “You are assuming that you will come out of this with at least your memory intact. If you survive, your memory will be the first to go.”

“Yeah, that is not going to happen.” He pressed submit on his phone.

“I invented half of those apps on your phone. The shield strength should only be bullet proof.”

“Were you the author? I had no idea. You are right, the shield strength was as weak as the signal strength, so I modified both.”

Dr. Green’s face contorted, anger painted on his stone face, he turned to the Bullyons. “We have no choice. Kill them.”

The Bullyons fired their crude weapons threatening to burst the shield.

“Let’s see how strong your signal is now,” Dr. Green said.

“Strong enough,” Nathaniel said as he pulled Angela backwards. Their bodies phased through the shield holding Deragon. “Strong enough to match frequencies with the shield you made to hold Deragon.”

“And now you are trapped in there with him. Making it easier to kill you and solving my problem with a simple gesture of my hand.” He motioned and blue and gold electrical energy danced back and forth in the cage, but Angela and Nathaniel remained unharmed. “How?”

“Cutting Deragon off from me was smart. After all, his energy is housed in my body, but now that we are no longer separated, he can return to his full health and strength.”

“Yes,” Deragon said, “and it is clawing time.” He protracted his claws.”

“His full power has been calculated. There is no way you can break out of that shield.”

“You calculated his full power,” Nathaniel said. “But no one has calculated mine—I don’t even know my full strength.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I will let you see something that very few had ever seen.” Nathaniel signed the words, “Level four release.” A diamond on Deragon’s collar disappeared. His size increased momentarily but he reverted back to his normal size but his energy aura increased nearly two-hundred percent. “Can you handle it?”

“Of course I can,” Deragon said through gritted saber tooth teeth.

“Then quit dilly dallying and get us out of here,” Angela said.

Deragon surround them with a psionic energy bubble. In a blink of eye, the bubble tripled in size, obliterating the shield and the mechanism that controlled it. He jumped in front of Nathaniel and Angela and eyed Dr. Green and the frightened Bullyons. “Please run…” 

The End
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