Tuesday, September 3, 2013

#ShortStory: {Summoners: The Lightning Bear Episode 1}

In the world of Summoners, certain humans are empowered with the ability to summon, objects of immense powers. Most, like Team Amaria use their power to protect and serve…while charging a reasonable fee.

Episode 1 of 3

The team ran as quickly as they could through the woods. Dodging trees, leaping over fallen logs and ducking branches, Amaria readied her summoning technique. Drawing upon her emotions, she looked to her left. Denzel nodded. His dark brown eyes speaking the words before she heard them in her head. I’m ready!

She looked to her right. Angel gave her the thumbs up, her fiery red hair flowing in the wind.

They were ready.

The three of them stopped, turned around and moved into a defensive stance. The sound of breaking branches was almost as uncomfortable as the sound of her heart pounding in her ears. The last tree broke and the metallic armored creature rushed toward the trio. It threatened to impale them with the two spikes on its tale. “Now Denzel!”

Denzel clapped his hands. “I summon a psychic cloud!” A glowing blue cloud appeared above his head. “Attack with mental confusion!”  The cloud rushed the creature, swirled around its head and disappeared. The creature stopped and twirled in a circle first to the left and then to the right. “It will not hold him long,” Denzel said.

“I am on it,” Angel said. She threw a disk at the creature’s foot. “I summon a water prison!” The small disk burst and gallons of water came forth and caught the creature in a sphere of water.

Amaria raised a single finger in the air. “I summon lightning!” 

Nothing happened.

Amaria looked up. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. The creature burst out of the water prison and rushed toward Amaria. Denzel moved quick enough to drag her out of the way of its gnashing teeth.  

“Psychic cloud return!” The cloud flew to Denzel, surrounded him and disappeared.

“I summon water dolphins,” Angel said. Three dolphin-shaped water creatures appeared from her disk and engaged.

Denzel took Amaria to the base of a tree. “What’s wrong?”

“No clouds—and there isn’t enough electricity in the air,” she said. “I need Angel to produce a cloud.”

He closed his eyes. “Okay. She knows.” He opened his eyes. “I will hold the Megasauron.” He ran to Angel’s side and summoned a big psychic wolf. Blue Fang. His most powerful summon and yet it paled in comparison to the Megasauron. Angel ran to the opposite side and threw two disks in the air. She shouted her summon and it began as a low fog until it lifted higher. Amaria could feel the difference in polarity in the cloud and the ground.

It was time.

She ran out and stood next to Denzel just as his Psychic wolf cracked under the bite of the metallic teeth of the Megasauron. She raised a finger in the air. “I summon, lightning barrage.” Several lightning bolts struck the ground and the creature. After the fourth shot, the great lizard fell to the ground.

Denzel was on a single knee. Amaria rushed to his side, immediately running her fingers through his wool-textured hair. His bronze arms tensed as he clutched his head. “Denzel, are you okay?”

He took a deep breath. “Yes, when he destroyed my wolf, I got some feedback.”

She helped him up. “Thanks for having my back.”

“Thanks for having mine.”

“So, how do we get this thing back into the wild?” Angel asked. “The plan was to use your psychic wolf to drag its unconscious body back to the west.”

“I can’t summon anything big enough,” Denzel said.

“We will have to send a clean-up crew,” Amaria said. “It can’t be helped.”

End of Episode 1

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