Thursday, September 5, 2013

#ShortStory: {Summoners: The Lightning Bear Episode 3}

In the world of Summoners, certain humans are empowered with the ability to summon, objects of immense powers. Most, like Team Amaria use their power to protect and serve…while charging a reasonable fee.

Episode3 of 3

 The car could only take them so far up the mountain, the rest they had to go on foot. When they made it to the top, they found a cave, leading to an ancient volcano. Lightning shot out of the top of it. Some bolts exited the cave’s entrance. 

“How do we get past that?” Denzel asked.

“I will take point,” Amaria said. “I should be immune to some of the weaker bolts.”

“And the stronger bolts?”

“They will hurt…a lot,” Amaria said. “But we will need to conserve energy to take on the creature. It’s probably a lightning dragon.” Amaria ran for the entrance.

“Girl you are crazy!” Angel said.

“And we are the one following her,” Denzel said. “I think that puts us on a higher level of crazy.”

The team dodged a few of the bolts. Amaria deflected others and after a few more harrowing blasts, they were at the center of the cave. They found the creature. A part of the mountain had caved-in and a small bear, maybe as tall as Angel’s knee with white fur and a black lightning bolt on its back, was trapped under a boulder. It was expelling a heavy amount of lightning trying to free itself. Amaria’s heart sank. He wasn’t some menacing creature that needed taming. He needed help. “A Lightning Bear. We have to help him. He can’t generate this much electricity…. He must be drawing on his own life force.”

“Okay, I can handle the boulder,” Denzel said. “But I can’t keep him from frying me too.”

“I will take care of him,” Amaria said.

“I will root for you guys, over here, where it is safe,” Angel said.

Denzel clasped his hands together as if he was praying. “I summon psychic armor.” His armor emanated a bright blue light. Near metallic blue energy surrounded his body and hardened. He ran to the side of the bear and grabbed the boulder. The bear turned his energies on Denzel.  His armor held but it would only hold for so long.

Amaria grabbed the bear and absorbed his energy. “We are trying to…help, you,” she said. Denzel lifted the boulder up. Amaria picked up the bear and ran. “Stay away from us.” She ran outside, away from her friends. His energies were threatening to tear the poor creature apart. She raised a finger in the air. “I summon lightning rod” Her body turned into a conduit for electricity and the energy traveled through her and down into the ground. Something popped and her world turned dark.

When she awoke, water covered her from head to toe. It was one of Angel’s summonses. Healing water. She blinked her eyes and looked around. Angel waved her hands and the water dissipated in the air. “You gave us a scare,” Angel said.

Denzel loomed overhead. “I am going to need you to be scared when you are supposed to be scared.”

“I was scared…couldn’t you sense how scared I was?” Amaria asked.

“I don’t go around reading people emotions, Amaria. The first thing a psychic summoner learns is to stay out of people heads.”

“How…how could you avoid the temptation?”

“I know that if I ever read your deepest thought, you would never trust me again,” Denzel said. “And I couldn’t bear that.”

“Oh cry me a river,” Angel said. “If I was psychic, I would not care. What’s the point of having a gift and not using it?”

“I care about our team,” Denzel said. “Team members have to trust one another.”

“So,” Amaria said. “If I want you to know how I feel, I have to tell you?”

Denzel nodded. “Just like you would any other person.”


“So is there anything you want to tell me?” Denzel asked.

“Well, uhm. Your hair looks nice today.”

“Oh. Yours too. In a wet and electrocuted sort of way.”

“Before this gets even more awkward,” Angel said. “Your little bear friend walked away.”

“It’s just as well,” Amaria said.

The three of them walked down to their saucer shaped vehicle. As they approached, it became clear that the car was rocking back and forth. Angel grabbed a disk and Denzel quietly clapped his hands together. They walked around the car and found the lightning bear eating honey.

“My honey!” Angel clenched her fist.

“Hi,” the bear said.

Amaria did a double take. “You can talk?”

“Yes, as could my mother. I owe you a debt.”

“You can pay by putting my honey down,” Angel said.

Amaria hushed her with a wave of her hand. “We are summoners, we travel the world and use our abilities to help others,” Amaria said. “I need a partner for my lightning summons. Would you like to join us? You would not have to fight; I just need you to charge lightning spheres before I go into battle.”

“Will there be honey?”

“Yes,” Amaria said.

He looked back and forth among the three of them and then to his honey. He stuck his paw in and ate some more. “Sure. My mother always said; you can never have too many friends.”  

The End.

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