Wednesday, September 4, 2013

#ShortStory: {Summoners: The Lightning Bear Episode 2}

In the world of Summoners, certain humans are empowered with the ability to summon, objects of immense powers. Most, like Team Amaria use their power to protect and serve…while charging a reasonable fee.

Episode 2 of 3

Back in the city, Amaria charged the mayor only half their normal fee for their services. It was only fair, the full job required them to incapacitate and remove the creature.

That night, they spent the final night in Yeowo City. Angel spent the night re-filling water disks. Denzel was no doubt in his room meditating, healing from the day’s battle.

Amaria found herself in her room staring at the night’s sky. She was the weakest of her group. Angel was a water specialist. Working on land limited her abilities, but she managed to overcome the limitations with water discs. Denzel was an incredibly powerful psychic type. He didn’t have any weaknesses and he could read her mind anytime he wanted. But if that was true, did he know how she felt about him?

The next morning, Amaria walked to the meeting place at the central triangle of the city. Angel appeared first, she was carrying an umbrella that matched her long flowing, green gown.  “Love the braids,” Angel said. She set her backpack down.


A saucer shaped car pulled up by the fountain. The two girls grabbed their things once they realized it was Denzel. He had on a short blue tunic, with black leather pants and boots. He opened the storage compartment under the car and helped the girl place their things. He then helped the both of them into the car. Amaria wore a long red tunic, black tights and the standard summoner’s boots. She wasn’t inclined to need help getting anywhere, but how could she refuse Denzel’s outstretch hand?

“Who wants to drive?” Denzel asked.

“I do,” Angel said as she hopped to the driver’s side.

Denzel smiled and sat in the back. Amaria sat beside Angel. In mere moments, Denzel was asleep. Amaria turned around and watched him as Angel kept her eyes on the road. Amaria looked around, trying to take in the scene but periodically her eyes drifted back to Denzel. Until he opened his left eye opened. She faced forward quickly, and commanded her body to stay that way….

“Something wrong?” he asked.

She thought quickly. He was psychic. A truth was better than a lie. “I uhm, was just thinking about how I wish I could be more useful in the field. I could have gotten one of us hurt.”

“You worried about that?” Angel said. “Everyone isn’t born an earth, wind or even a psychic summoner.”

“Being a psychic summoner isn’t that great,” Denzel said. “I would rather be a lightning summoner.”

Amaria turned around. “Really? You graduated from summoning school when you were twelve. You are a gifted psychic type.”

“But it took me three years to find a team.”

“That’s because you snore when you sleep,” Angel said.

“I snore?”

“No.” A flash of lightning caught Amaria’s eye. “Wait, stop!” Amaria fell under the dashboard as the car lurched forward.

“What is it?” Angel said.

“Look at the mountain.” Lightning danced from the top of the mountain to the sky itself. “That has to be a powerful lightning creature. I can catch one and train him to charge a lightning sphere.”

“Hmmmm,” Denzel said. “It’s dangerous to try to tame a creature in your summoning affinity.”

“What can it hurt to try?” Angel said.

End of episode 2

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