Monday, September 30, 2013

#ShortStory: The Chronicles of Free & Stryker {The Suit Episode 3}

In the year 2304, sentient androids enslaved mankind, as well as many other humanoids throughout the galaxy. Over the centuries, pockets of resistance rose to oppose them. These are the chronicles of one such team, who even in the face of impossible odds, fight to free the galaxy.

Vira and Jacks were squad members of Squad 7, one of the most famous squads in the resistance.  They probably saved nearly as many slaves as Squad 13, but the bodies they left in their wake…. Were they even trying? It wasn’t just the Droid body count. Sometimes they would somehow kill the people they were trying to save.

Free’s fist and jaw clenched as the two of them approached. Jacks was bald and nearly seven feet tall. He had more of a grayish tint to his skin tone, much like the Droids. He wore the same neutral, pilot suit that Squad 13 wore. Vira was a petite, silver-haired vixen. She had a more human toned, light, bronze skin that was maybe a shade darker than Stryker’s and two shades lighter than Free’s.

She didn’t wear the standard pilot’s suit. She wore causal clothing and six-inch heels. If Stryker didn’t know any better, he would have thought that she was the sexiest woman in the world.  “Well, if it isn’t my favorite android and gynoid,” Stryker said.

“Neither of you have been an agent as long as I have,” Jacks said. “Show some respect.”

“We are all senior agents here,” Stryker said. “I don’t see the need to kiss your—”

“I trust that you have all received the mission parameters,” Free said. “Our ships are too well known to appear in the Alpha quadrant, this ship has been outfitted with a similar navigational system as the Red Eagle, so in the two weeks that it will take us to make it to our destination you will become familiar with the system. But make no mistake, Stryker is the primary pilot.”

Vira stepped onto the brick shaped ship. Jacks glared at both Stryker and Free before he calmly followed behind her. “Should we attempt to make friends with them?” Stryker asked.

“We don’t need to be friends to complete the mission.  Get friendly with them and they may get the idea that we approve of their use of excessive force.”

After the first week of training, the crew of four was ready to complete their mission. In his spare time, Stryker tinkered with his new suit. A self-containing suit; it allowed the user to live inside for weeks at a time, and recycled waste so that the person wouldn’t need food or water. The very idea of going an entire week without drinking coffee sounded horrible. But there could be humans on the T-ship. His parents could be on there; a guaranteed last ride for any organic.
Episode 4 will post in the next 24 hours.

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