Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Book of Ruth: Finding #Love The Biblical Way {What if Boaz doesn't want you}

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I am a romantic at heart. No, I am not a romance novelist. However, every book that I have written has a romantic element. I am a fan of love. I love seeing happy couples together and cringe when I see unhappy couples tolerating one another—I see that a lot. When I read the book of Ruth, I was fascinated. They actually dated in biblical times. Who knew? Seriously, I read it and I want to share what I learned. I don’t know how long this series will last, but I will keep going until it is done.

So let’s say you want the Boaz type. You want a man of high moral standards, a man who has made it a point to build a legacy in this world or who is in the process of building something in this world. His future wife will more than likely be a Ruth type woman, and you are so far from Ruth that you doubt that there is any chance that a Boaz type man would ever want you. Worse, you have run across a Boaz type and he has shown zero interest in you.
It isn’t as if Ruth didn’t have to deal with the same issues. She was a foreigner. Marriage to a foreigner was frowned upon. However, Ruth listened to Naomi, took her advice and found her man.

You don’t have to change who you are. You just need to recognize who you are in the first place... Somewhere along the way, you may have met your own personal Boaz and he didn’t recognize that you were the Ruth that he was looking for, because he lacked the instinct or you lacked the desire to let your light shine. Either way, what’s done is done. After all, there is more than one Boaz in the sea.
Now, the hard part…letting your light shine.

People have two dogs inside of them. A golden dog that wishes to do good and a silver dog that wishes to do evil. They are fighting it out hoping to win you over turn you good or bad. The one that will eventually win you over is the one that you feed, nurture and take for walks. In other words, let your light shine. The part of you that makes you just as good of a woman as Ruth. You have to nurture it and develop it. Yes, there is some change involve, but despite what a lot of cranky people say. Change is good.
I am reminded of a story where this Alaskan woman, known for hunting big game, went hunting one day and shoots a baby black bear. She steps backward, pleased with herself and steps right into a huge black bear.

The black bear says, “Either I kill you or pull down your pants so I can spank you.” The woman pulled down her pants and took her spanking. She went home angry and humiliated. She was a might hunter. She vowed to take revenge on the black bear, so she went back and shot the black bear, right between his eyes. The woman was very pleased with herself. She had gotten revenge on that stupid bear and was stepping backwards admiring her handiwork.
Unfortunately, she backed right into a huge grizzly bear. He knocked the gun out of the way and before she could react, the grizzly tells her. “Either I kill you or pull down your pants so I can spank you.” The woman pulled down her pants and took her spanking. She went home angry and humiliated again. She vowed to take revenge on the Grizzly bear, so she went back and shot him.

She smiled took one-step backward and felt the fur of a huge bear. She turned around and saw that it was a polar bear. The proud Alaskan woman, dropped her gun, sighed and pulled her pants down.
It is just a fact, that if you keep doing the same thing you are going to keep getting the same thing. You, like many good people have tried to do things that have led you to rejection, but now it is time to try something different.

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