Saturday, December 20, 2014

Science Fantasy Short Story {Reaper: Chapter Seven Part One}

In the future, where man has traveled to the stars and beyond, there exists guilds with special abilities. Two such guilds are the guild of assassins and the guild of mages. Their laws prevent them from working together. Reaper is the story of two members of the guilds, who ignored their laws and who fight for the greater good.
Genre: Science Fantasy Romance
“Counting on it,” Bomba said.
“I get your plan, but I would rather have the real Bomba here…no offense.”
“I am the real Bomba.” She stopped just short of the shield and turned around to face the rocket.
“I hope this works.”
“Do you have a better plan?”
“I have five, but let’s see how well your plan works.” Bomba weaved her hands and the platform disappeared just as the rocket was about to make contact. The resultant explosion cause the clone to flicker and Zion to fall at even greater speed. A pair of arms grabbed him from behind and the two of them floated to the ground.
“That was close,” she said.
“I’ve had closer.”
“We have to find this sniper before he gets lucky.”
“No. That is a complete waste of time.”
“This may have been the same person that destroyed your home!”
“I am certain of that, but this is not the time or place to engage a master assassin.”
She stopped and stared at him. “You don’t want anyone to get hurt.”
“It just isn’t a good idea.”
“Well, we are only a mile away from our destination.”
Zion began walking. “We will take an indirect route, stay in the shadows and maybe use your camouflage powers.”
“I will do as you wish. But I don’t like it.”
“I don’t blame you.”
A quick wave of her hand and her image dimmed. “We are invisible now. Unless the assassin has the ability to see through an invisibility spell.”
Zion stepped behind the building and tread the small path between building and the shield. “Some have a much heightened six sense. Depends on what race you are from. The Vuldarians have no ESP potential whatsoever, but they make up for it in ferocity and durability. But a well-trained sixth sense can see through any illusion.”
“I beg to differ.”
He stopped at a corner.
“What’s the matter?”
“This would be a very good space for a sniper to attack. Since, this person can mask their intent, I have to be careful.”
“No need,” Bomba said. She raised a shield and walked across. “Come on, unless he can curve a bullet from a distance we should be fine.”
Zion followed. Once on the other side they found a door. Zion knocked once and waited. A burly slug-like humanoid answered the door. “What do you want?”
“To come in,” Zion said.
“Go around front.”
“We have someone trying to kill us,” Zion said in a matter-of-fact tone.
“Who doesn’t? Go around to the front.”
Bomba grabbed the man’s collar and pulled him close. “Relax. Aren’t you feeling sleepy?”
“Y—yes,” he said as he cocked his head sideways.” Tired.”
“You should rest. Step aside and let us through. You need a break.”
“I need a break.”
Bomba let him go and he stepped aside. Bomba walked past him just as he had settled down and stared off into space with a weird smile on his face. Zion followed her inside. “Hypnosis?”
“Yes. It is actually easier for me to modulate my voice and bedazzle my eyes when I use a holographic clone.”
“That is interesting,” Zion said. “I have to warn you. I imagine that the assassin will find us soon.”
“We are just trying to get information. We will get it and get out. Martha is heading this way now and I have sent three hard light clones to get your stuff from the hotel.”
“My bags are already packed, make sure they set the bullet tree and the pot beside the bed. Celeste really likes that dirt. I got it from Terra.”
“Already got it.”
They walked into a bar where they found several men and a few women sitting down, with drinks strong enough to make Zion’s nose burn. In the center was a man with blue skin and black hair. A Kainian. “That was easy.”
“Awful brave of him, to come here.”
The two of them walked over and sat down. The Kainian stared at the two of them. “Have you heard about the word?”
“Everyone knows that the bird is the word,” Bomba said.
The Kainian smiled. “You two are just humans? And so young. Why are you doing this?”
“The real question, is why are you doing this?” Zion asked.
Bomba placed her hand on Zion’s. “We are just trying to right a wrong. Now, please show us the schematics.”
He leaned in close. “Word of advice, just turn around and let this go.”
Zion felt a tingle. His danger sense was increasing in vibrational intensity. A dual feeling from the man across from him and something well beyond the door. “We don’t have time for this,” Zion said. He squeezed Bomba’s thigh. She gave him a look but he never returned it. “Put the information on the desk, so we can confirm the information.” He reached into his pocket and Zion’s senses hit the roof. He turned over the table, just as the Kainian was pulling something out of his pocket.
“What are you do—“ Bomba’s voice was cut short by a laser blast to her chest. Zion took cover behind another table. The door burst open and a four-armed man came through with laser guns blazing. A shield deflected the laser blasts before he could move to dodge. Bomba sat up and fired two spheres of blue energy at the two men. Both shots barely had an effect. “We have to run!”
“Running is suicidal.” Zion pulled out his deck of cards sending them flying as rapidly as a sub-machine gun. “Keep the four-armed guy busy for a few seconds.” After emptying the deck, he charged the Kainian, blocking his blasts with his wrist bands. He deflected one blast and it the resultant trajectory sent it through the Kainian’s leg. He stumbled, and that gave Zion enough time to twist the Kainians hand and free the gun. He caught the gun and placed it in the Kainian’s gut, he pulled the trigger. The shot pierced his stomach, his spine and went through the chain holding the chandelier over-head. The chandelier fell down on the giant, but he reached up with his two upper arms grabbed the steel decoration and pulled it apart.
He threw it at both Bomba and Zion. Zion dodged it. While Bombs flew over it, she blasted him from above. Zion took aim at a blind spot, but he sensed danger from behind. He dodged a swiping Kainian who managed to knock the gun away. Zion slid away, two far from the gun. Unfortunately, it was within reach of his opponent.
The Kainian grabbed for the gun. Zion, grabbed a bar stool and flipped over the bar. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a silver cylinder. Just big enough to fit in his hand. He shook it and it morphed into a slingshot. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a bullets. He loaded the sling and stood up. The Kainian shot as soon as Zion’s head emerged above the island. Zion dodged the shots and released the bullet. The shot caught the Kainian in eye. He grabbed his eye and writhe in pain. Zion loaded one more bullet and shot him in his hand. “Stand down, before you lose another eye,” Zion said.
The Kainian held up his bloody hand. “I surrender.”
Zion turned to the four-armed assassin. He was incased in an energy bubble, floating just above three clones of Bomba. One of the clones broke away and walked through the carnage to the bar.
“Want a drink?” Zion asked.
“I can have my clones hold him until we are on the ship,” Bomba said.
“Why do you fight like a Bakashi,” the four-armed man said.
“Because I am Bakashi, just as my father was before me.”
“Y—you are The Reaper? Son of the Lightning?”
“It is an honor, to be defeated by you.”
“Hey,” Bomba said. “I was the one that defeated you.”
End of Chapter 7 Part 1
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