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Short Story One Shot: A Woman's Strength

Team Savant is on hiatus for a few weeks. Here is an adventure of a young explorer. To read the previous Team Savant story click Team Savant Short Story Egg-napped

The explosion happened suddenly; the panic less so. Her body moved to the escape pod before her mind comprehended the situation. Muriel closed the egg-shaped hatch and pressed the button. A display appeared in front of her as the pod detached from the ship. A three dimensional reputation of the environment formed moments before her ship exploded in the atmosphere.

Muriel took a deep breath and lifted her hand toward the display. Green blood, originating from the back of her hand rolled down violet skin. She changed the scenery to the planet below. The natives of the planet called themselves humans and the planet Earth. Her people called them water people. She had studied all that she needed to know about the planet just in case she crashed landed.

Muriel tested the holographic button on her suit. Her skin, hair and clothing changed to fit the humans. The suit flickered and the holographic imagery disappeared. Muriel cursed. She pressed the button again, but nothing happened. She changed the trajectory of the escape pod to a colder climate area. The number of humans would be minimal, and so would her chance of discovery.

When she landed, Muriel activated the beacon. “This is Muriel Destine. Micro-meteors destroyed my ship and I am currently trapped on the Water Planet.”Her heart dropped when she realized that the signal strength wasn’t strong enough. ”I give up,” she said. “I will die here and the water people will find me and dissect me.” Oil formed in the corner of her eyes and rolled down her face. If she had listened to her father… The signal strengthened for a moment and then disappeared.

She gathered herself and checked the planet gravitational field. In her area, the gravitational field was in flux, but if she moved to a ley line, she could get a signal off to her home planet. If she survived, perhaps her father would consider her as an equal.

Precious time flew by as Muriel removed the beacon. Once done, she checked for human life-forms. None... She did notice other creatures, larger than humans. Perhaps more dangerous. She studied the stats on the creatures. What were they called? Bears? Previous data showed that they only attacked when hungry or threatened. The danger was far from the area she needed to travel too, but she would not take any chances. She checked her phaser. Still intact, she placed the weapon away. She wrapped her hand and checked for any other injuries.

She found a layered cloak, placed it on and left the escape pod.

She trudged forward in the snow, taking measured steps. Periodically she took out her computer and checked the area. Near her destination, a red dot appeared on her radar. Muriel studied the radar as she moved forward. The red dot moved, closing the gap between them—faster than any human.

Her hearts pounded, threatening to place holes in her chest. Her father’s voice came to her ears. Female should stay at home and take care of the elderly and the children. You lack the aggression of a male. You lack the strength to survive in the real world.

He told her that the day of graduation. Her mother encouraged her, but her father’s word hung over her hearts. It was true she lacked her brothers’ aggression, but she had skills and worked hard.

Another blip appeared as she moved closer to her destination. This one stationary. She looked ahead, the snow cutting visibility. Her sight sharp enough to make out the figure…the creature seemed human-like with white fur. Muriel mentally searched through her knowledge of humans and their cousins. None fit the stature or the incredibly large feet.

The face, close to their ape-cousin, expressed confusion. The creature, at full height, came to Muriel’s waist. If needed, she could engage in hand-to-hand combat—

The alarm on the beacon sounded off.

The creature jerked backwards, but otherwise didn’t move another step. Muriel activated the beacon, while simultaneously pulling out her phaser. She held the weapon steady as the indicator on the beacon showed that the pre-recorded message was delivered successfully.

She thought all would be well until she heard a gut contorting roar. She swung her gun around and a much larger version of the creature stood a short distance away, seemingly poised to charge forward. This creature stood taller than any bear she had ever seen on video and Muriel was not sure if a phaser blast would stop the creature before it killed her.

The littlest creature mewed and the large creature reacted, making a careful step toward the smaller one.  Muriel looked back and forth between the two of them and understanding calmed her hearts…a little. She slowly stepped away as the creature moved toward the smaller creature.

Toward her child.

As Muriel moved farther away, the parent moved closer to the child, eventually making a full sprint for the child creature and embracing it.

In truth, Muriel wanted to sprint away as well, but against a creature that fast, she would no doubt lose the race. The parent turned to Muriel. The child’s head draped on its shoulder. The parent snorted and ran away. Muriel breathed a sigh of relief and recalled her mother’s words at graduation.  Never mind your father. He doesn’t understand the strength of a woman. Emotions, intuition, thoughtfulness, those are all strengths not weaknesses. You my dear are the strongest of us all.
Moments later, Muriel saw the energy signature of a warp-capable ship.

The End
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