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Short Story Team Savant: Tiger Tale {Chapter 1 of 4}

A shy stutterer became friends with a narcoleptic girl, a telepath that looks surprisingly like the Roswell alien, a guy with three eyes, a water breathing princess with blue skin and a girl who can split herself into three people. From that day forward, he became Savant, the boy with a saber tooth tiger in his head. He along with his friends are Team Savant, the greatest cadet action team in the known universe. To catch up, read the two previous chapters of the Team Savant Story click Here for the two previous chapter of the Short Story Egg-napped! 

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Nathaniel heard an echo in the psychic regions of his mind. He tested it again with similar results. It was true that his connection to Deragon was wire thin. However, his connection was still there and in an instant, the connection had become muffled as if Deragon was underwater.

Angela sat with the mayor, reassuring him that the terrorist group that held his child was no match for Team Savant, but of course, this was of little assurance to him. That was his child. Naturally, he was worried.  In Nathaniel’s mind, it was still a necessity. One best left to Angela who had greater skill in the area.

He stared out the window at the metal dome. Beyond the dome were the red dunes of mars. By his calculations, Deragon should have found the egg by now. The mayor walked back and forth, barely the size of Nathaniel’s three-year old niece. His bare feet almost as long as Nathaniel.

Nathaniel could no longer watch him suffer. He stood up to join the mayor and his number one. A sharp pain struck from the empty space and sent him to his knees. Angela was by his side before the second wave hit.

“Nate! What’s wrong?”

He ran one-thousand scenarios in his head. How long did it take him? His mind was fast but this was dizzying. He gathered himself. “Something is wrong with Deragon.”

“Is he dead?”

“What about my egg?”

Nathaniel straightened. “I think when I find Deragon; I will find your egg.”

“So he is still alive?”

“Yes,” he said detecting a hint of regret in Angela’s body language. It was understandable. The same individual who tried to end her and everyone she cared about was literally a figment of Nathaniel’s imagination come to life.

The mayor dropped to his hands and knees. “Savant, please just tell me where he is and I will send our militia.”

“No. Not yet. I am going to search for Deragon—“

“You are not going alone.”

“I am not going to be alone. I need your astral form as back—“


“I am given you an order.” He grabbed his head.

“And I am completely ignoring your orders based on the fact that you are not fit for duty.”

“I—I am managing the pain.”

“Forget it, Nathaniel. We don’t have time to fight. You want to save Deragon, right? Either you stay and argue with me or you save the big cat.”

He was lucid enough to argue but realized that more important than saving Deragon was—

“Plus there is an egg that is scared right now. We have a better chance of saving it together.”

Nathaniel nodded and commanded his mind to manage the pain. “You are right.” He turned to the mayor. “We need transportation.”

“We have hovercrafts but they could be on the other side of the planet.”

“They are not on the other side of the planet. The distance isn’t far from here at all. The pain serves to help me pinpoint the location. We just need a ride.”

“Please let me—“

Nathaniel placed his hand on the Mayor’s shoulder. “Place a tracer on vehicle. Let us find the place first. I don’t think that this was ever about your child, and that increases the odds of your child being just fine.”

“If you say so.”


The two adventures placed on their harnesses and sped west of the city. More pain came in crashing waves.

“You said that this wasn’t about the Mayor’s kid,” Angela said. “Is this a trap?”


“For whom? Us or Deragon?”

“That I don’t know.” Another sharp pain. He grabbed his head with his left and pointed with his right. “That way.”

She turned sharply. “So, we are going into this trap without a weapon. I take it that you have an amazing plan?”

“Not enough information to go on—stop!”

She slammed the air brakes and the two of them jerked forward.

Nathaniel released his harness and surveyed the area. “There is supposed to be a settlement here.” He continued walking.

“Cloaking device?”

“Yes.” He reached his hand in the air and it rippled like water. “Come on.” He stepped through. Before them was an abandoned town.”

“Security kind of lax around here,” Angela said.

“This is bad,” Nathaniel said. “They are expecting us.”

“So, we are the target?”


“Why haven’t they jumped out and captured us.”

“Probably assessing our weaponry.”

She laughed. “That will be one short assessment.”

“Don’t forget your IMA training. Our bodies and our environment are weapons.” They walked down the center of the town. Quietly taking in the situation, Nathaniel found what could pass for a bamboo staff, six feet in length. He found pebbles of varying size and stuck them in his pocket. “You want the rocks are the staff?”

“Neither.” She grabbed an aluminum object shaped like a cricket bat. “This will do sooo much damage.”

He stepped into an opened building. A library of sorts. In the center was a winding staircase that descended into darkness. “He is down there.”

“You think that this is enough?” She held up her bat.  

 “Yeah, this and my U-phone.”

The End
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