Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Book of Ruth: Finding #Love the Biblical Way {Flirt with interest}

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I am a romantic at heart. No, I am not a romance novelist. However, every book that I have written has a romantic element. I am a fan of love. I love seeing happy couples together and cringe when I see unhappy couples tolerating one another—I see that a lot. When I read the book of Ruth, I was fascinated. They actually dated in biblical times. Who knew? Seriously, I read it and I want to share what I learned. I don’t know how long this series will last, but I will keep going until it is done.

Now that he has shown interest in you, chances are there will be times when you are not sure about his interest in you. This will be a great time to turn up the heat by flirting more. Yes, I am assuming that you are flirting in some form all ready. But now is the time to flirt even more.

What flirting does is reassure him of your interest—it is sad to say but Boaz needs reassuring too-but it is also a way to assess interest. If you are flirting with your new interest and they are not responding to it in a positive way then you should be concerned. Don’t panic. But put this in your concern box to watch and pray about.

Reasons for a lack of interest could cover a huge range. None of which you can really concern yourself with. You are not psychic, so all you can do is do your part to flirt. Flirt somewhere in the range of subtle to overt tones.

Come to think of it, some of the flirtatious things you will do naturally—if you just let yourself relax. Touching his arm, moving a misplaced hair, paying attention, hanging on his every word and putting yourself in a position to be touched. I have noticed that for some women this is an overt act. A kind of banging a guy across the head and screaming “I want you!”

To you, I say if it ain’t broken, don’t try to fix it. But I have seen to many women and men who just were down right terrible at flirting. Bad to the point of repulsion. Example in my personal life, a girl who was interested in me wanted to entice me with amazing sex. This test involved rubbing my testicles with a sharp instrument. And while she seemed to draw great pleasure out of describing the act, it was anything but pleasurable in my mind. She said she was joking.

But I wasn’t laughing.
If you aren’t good at flirting, one of the best ways to get good is by practicing. But we will talk about it more next time.

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