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Science Fantasy Short Story {Reaper: Chapter Three Part Two}

In the future, where man has traveled to the stars and beyond. There exists guilds with special abilities. Two such guilds are the guild of assassins and the guild of mages. Their laws prevent them from working together. Reaper is the story of two members of the guild, who ignored their laws and who fight for the greater good.
Genre: Science Fantasy Romance

She walked to the edge of the roof. “Is that why you left the guild? Because of your enemies?” She stepped onto the ledge and gazed at Hans City.

Zion leaned over the ledge. “No. I had managed to stick to killing bad guys, mostly. My rule was no women and no children.  No innocents either. Male or female. See my dad was all about right and wrong, he felt that as long as you did more right than wrong you would go to this place called heaven…. He said that Mom would be there.”

Bomba stepped off of the ledge and a circular disk appeared under her foot. She floated down until she was at eye-level facing Zion from the other side. “What happened?”

“This female assassin that I partnered with broke my code. No, the guild didn’t give me all of the information. No, I knew something was wrong, but I ignored it. You know, you really shouldn’t just float like that. What if your powers give out on you and you fall?”

“I guess, you will have to catch me.”

“Or, you could just place your feet on something solid.”

She rolled her eyes. Floated upward and sat on the ledge. “Did your friend kill an innocent?”

“Yeah. While I was taking out the mob boss, she was busy taking out his family. I stopped her before she took out the youngest a little girl, who had just witnessed her siblings and mother’s slaughter.”

“Th—that’s horrible.”

“I escaped with the little girl, had to fight my partner to do it. And just like that I broke my code—shot her in the center of the chest.”

“She was hardly innocent.”

“That day I left the guild.”

“What happened to the girl?”

“Found her a family. It was the best I could do for her. Keeping her around would have placed her endanger.”

Bomba gasped and turned to Zion. “You would have kept her?”

“Well yes, if I could. By guild law, I am responsible for her life.”

“I just can’t imagine you as a father.”

“Why not? I would make a great dad. I would teach her how to shoot, how to sense your opponent and their intentions—”

“That’s my point.” She placed her hand in her lap and stared up at the moon, smiling, practically grinning, but then it disappeared. “we are not allowed to have children. It is punishable by exile.”

“So? Just leave.”

“No, exile means that your techno-organic parts are removed. Those that survive the process are never the same.”

“Oh, please. You could just run away, you would not be the first rogue techno-witch. Trust me, I have ran into a few.”

“They always get caught, and besides, where would I go? I don’t exactly blend in.”

“No you don’t do that at all.”

She reached out to him and placed her hand on his shoulder. “Is this moonlight enough for you. I know you don’t need as much sunlight as a full Chloroman, but this moonlight can’t be enough for you.”

“It’s fine. I have a photon generator that I bring with me in emergencies. But I am doing fine for now…. Thanks for asking.”

“Yeah, well let’s go. We need to get settled soon.” She tugged at his shoulder.


“Don’t be afraid,” she said.

“I’m not afraid,” he said. He stepped over the ledge and felt for the ledge. “Wait you are not still mad at me, for the whole shooting thing are you?”

“No.” She pulled him in and grabbed him tightly. “I am not mad at all.” She swooped down at a steep angle, headed for the street below.

“The entire point of covert action is to not be seen,” Zion said, resisting the urge to scream.”

“Ah, that is why I am using an invisibility spell.” She dropped into the oncoming traffic and dodged the vehicles. 

“I see.”

“Yes, there is no need for me to change out of this cloak when I have several disguise spells.” She ducked into a tunnel that flowed under the city.

“Okay, and don’t drop me for saying this, but seems like you would like to get out of that curtain, once in a while. I can think of several outfits you would look stunning in.”

“That’s some imagination. The truth is that this outfit is part of who we are. Besides, you have no idea, what is under my layers.”

“Well—“ A familiar sense seized him. The same feeling he had when Bomba left his home. A sense of Danger.  “Bomba, we have to get out of this tunnel.”

“What? Why? This is a shortcut to the red light district.”

“There is something—“ A bright light moved around the corner at high speeds. “Sonic transport!” The shuttle hugged the walls barely allowing room for air to pass over its hull. Bomba cursed and turned around. A sonic boom followed when she lurched forward. Even at the speed of sound, the transport was keeping pace. “It’s going to overtake us. Now would be a nice time to use a magic booster or something.”

“No such thing. Hang on!” She swung into a tunnel escaping the transport. The two of them turned around to see the transport disappear down a separate tunnel. “Wheeww.”

“Yeah, that was close.”

“Oh, no!” She sped back toward the old tunnel.

“What are you doing?”

“Look behind you!”

He turned to see more lights. It was going to be a long night. Several tunnels later, the two of them were standing in the alley in front of a hotel in the red light district. Occasionally a couple or two would come to the hotel for a short tryst with their date.  “Provided, Martha did her job. We need only march to our room. This kind of place, they really don’t ask questions, but I would prefer to not be seen. Can you pull that invisibility trick of yours?”

Bomba leaned against the wall, her hood covered her face. Zion moved closer and peered under her hood. She looked down at him. “Flying like that takes a lot out of me.”

“Oh, well, I will get us inside.”

“No. I can do it. I have to get stronger.” She gestured with her hand and her gown became a working girl’s dress that left little to the imagination. Her bald head was now wavy red hair that extended past her shoulders. She held out her hand. “I need to touch you to extend the holographic field.”

“Sure.” He held out his hand and soon as she grabbed it, his brown skin turned a forest green.

“This is the best I can do for now.”

“I am not complaining.”

The two of them crossed the street, hand in hand. Once inside the hotel, they made a beeline straight for the escalator. Once on the third floor, they quickly walked into their room.  Zion pulled away, but Bomba held fast. “Not yet.” She reached behind her back and produced a small sphere. She rolled it to the center of the room. Several cylinders extended from the sphere. “The room is secure.” She released his hand and stumbled.

He grabbed her and helped her to her bed. “You are hot.”

“Tech…overheating.” She lay back on the bed

“I will turn the temperature down. I know a guy that was a cyborg, he said that the best thing to do when you run hot .” He heard some mild snoring. “Is to sleep.” He walked over to her and stared at her as she lay on the bed. Her feet on the floor. He bent down and gently removed her shoes. He sat them down on the floor. He nudged her. “You probably shouldn’t sleep on this bed like that.”

She mumbled something.
He shook his head and gently lifted her and moved her to the head of the bed. He placed the pillow under her head. She turned onto her side and gently caressed his arm. Zion pulled away.  He then moved to his bed. He placed both of his guns under each of his pillows. He glanced over to Bomba and removed the two guns. He stared at them. Placed one in the holster and placed it on the night stand between the two of them. He placed the second one under his pillow. He took the ankle pistol and walked to the bathroom. He placed it under the sink along with his two blades. In the bathroom, he stripped down to his sleepwear, black wicker shorts and filled a picture full of water. He drunk the half-gallon of water, set it on the floor next to his bed and lay his head on the gun-reinforced pillow.

End of Part Two of Chapter Three.
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