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Science Fantasy Short Story {Reaper: Chapter Five Part Two}

In the future, where man has traveled to the stars and beyond, there exists guilds with special abilities. Two such guilds are the guild of assassins and the guild of mages. Their laws prevent them from working together. Reaper is the story of two members of the guilds, who ignored their laws and who fight for the greater good.
Genre: Science Fantasy Romance
Zion waited patiently for the air bus to come. It would be a little tricky with the huge rucksack on his back. The sun had long gone down and he was once again traveling under the cover of darkness. A well-lit vehicle descended from the sky and traveled parallel to the building tops. In one smooth move, Zion leaped from the building and landed on top of the bus. He grabbed a railing to brace himself and waited for the moment they passed the seedy hotel. At night, there were no lights around it. The gloom added to the mystery and maybe the romance of the place, but all Zion saw was a method of invisibility. He jumped from the bus, grabbed the terrace and swung to the shadows below. He found the door he exited, opened it and climbed the flight of stairs to the room. Once on the floor, he studied the motions of the revolving cameras. When he got a green light, he quickly walked to the room door, used the key card nearly as quickly as his quick draw, opened the door and walked in.
Bomba turned to him. She was standing up, glaring at him. “Where have you been?”
“Where have you been?” He walked past her and set the duffle bag on his bed.
“I asked you first.”
“I went shopping.”
“Where is my cloak?”
Zion straightened. “Oh, well it kind of got torn to pieces by an alpha level android. As much as I hate to admit it, I am a little rusty.”
“Say what?”
Zion turned around. “Yeah, he was pretty mad. Don’t know if he was programmed to get angry or something else was going on. But it was very convincing.”
She cocked her head sideways. Anger melted and concern grew on her face. “Are you unharmed?”
“Yes. I am a little sore, but once I get a good night’s rest. I should be fine.”
“Zion. You are a grandmaster of Gunchi. Why would you get into a skirmish without your weapons?” She gestured toward the guns on the night stand. “And while you are at it. Will you tell me what that is?” She pointed to the foot tall tree that was already ripe with fruit.
 “The tree on the right is my bullet tree. Something I learned from studying my mother’s people.”
“You can grow bullets?”
“Not just any bullets. Psychokinetic bullets. Bullets that only I can use.”
“There are trees on Planet Terra that can drain the blood right out of a living being. Then there are others that can draw on the ambient psychic energy in the air. This tree does just that. I just modified it so I can make bullets—up to twenty bullets a day, depends on where it is located.”
“The shy one on the left is Celeste. She will come out eventually, but she has been in stasis for a long time.”
“Celeste?” Bomba raised an eyebrow. “You name your plants?”
“Just Celeste. We go way back.” Zion reached into the duffle bag. “Anyway, I got into a little skirmish because I needed money. I have some saved up, but it is saved up for a reason. So I took in a well-known gangster and got his bounty.” He handed her a bag. “Here.”
“What is this?”
“A gift.”
She opened the bag and pulled out two robes. A dark green one and a crimson one. “It’s beautiful.”
“I had pockets sewn in. Places to hide your magic stuff or whatever. I know you guys are supposed to wear your black outfit and all, but we have to be able to travel without being discovered. Also, it changes color, so you can go back to your basic black if you want too.”
She took the crimson one and placed it on. Buttoning it and placing the hood on her head. “I like it.”
Zion walked over to her and removed the hood. “You don’t have to cover your face around me.”
She held his gaze for a moment. “Zion. I will accept your gift, but don’t place your hands on me or my belonging. What gives you the right to undress me in my sleep and just leave?”
“Your eyes and hips.”
“Your eyes are dilated and your hips are tilted at the right angle. You find me too attractive to stay mad at me.”
Her eyes flashed with anger. “How dare you!”
“The feeling’s mutual Bomba, next time I undress you, I won’t leave.” 
Bomba stepped back. Her face was painted with a look that could kill. She turned, walked into the bathroom and slammed the door.
Zion rubbed the back of the head. “I really am rusty.”
End of Part Two of Chapter Five.
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