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Science Fantasy Short Story {Reaper: Chapter four Part one}

In the future, where man has traveled to the stars and beyond. There exists guilds with special abilities. Two such guilds are the guild of assassins and the guild of mages. Their laws prevent them from working together. Reaper is the story of two members of the guild, who ignored their laws and who fight for the greater good.
Genre: Science Fantasy Romance

The crumpling of paper alerted Bomba that something was wrong. She stretched, turning to her side. More crumpling. She opened her eyes, her mind flooded with memories. She jumped up and looked around. “Zion?” A quick scan told her that not only was she alone, but her cloak was missing. She found the source of the crumpled paper. A thick sheet with words written in an earth language. It took her only a moment to decipher.

Saw something interesting on the net, took your cloak to check it out. Should be back this evening. If you decide to leave, make sure no one follows you. P.S. Don’t touch my stuff.

“Son of a—Martha!”

An image of the avatar appeared just above the sphere she planted earlier. “Yes mistress?”

“Where is Zion?”

“I do not know.”

“He took my over cloak. Track it.”

Martha pointed to the night stand. “It appears he removed them.”

She walked over to the night stand. Not only were the circuits there, but so was his gun and a container of dirt positioned directly in the sunlight. “I blacked out from over-exertion last night. Start from your portable pod’s activation up to the moment that I woke up.” Martha disappeared and blue holographic representations of the past appeared in her place. She watched as Zion gently placed her in the bed. He soon fell asleep. “Fast forward.” The time reference sped up. Zion tossed for a moment but soon sat up. “Stop. How much time has passed?”

“Two hours.”

“I guess he doesn’t need much sleep after hibernation. Continue.” He got up and walked over to the oak desk. He tapped on it and a computer ascended. He worked on it diligently. Bomba walked over and looked over his shoulder. “He is shopping?”

“He visited several shopping sites,” Martha said, “but he also visited several bounty sites.”

“Bounty? Was he checking on his?”

“I do not know.”

“Did he buy anything?”

“No. Most of the sites visited require the buyer to appear in person. I must also mention that the items he searched for were very high end.”

“You suspect—no. If he wanted to take me in, he could have easily done it. What is he up to?”

“I don’t know.”

“I wasn’t really asking…. Just speed it up. “

Zion stood up from the computer and stared down at it as it disappeared in the desk. He turned around and stared at her sleeping body. He walked over to her and slowly and gently removed her cloak. Zion then removed the parts from the cloak and set them on the night stand. He pulled his gun away from under his pillow, stuck it in the holster and set it neatly on the table. He then reached inside of his overcoat and grabbed two containers. It was two old school food containers but when he removed the top, they contained only black soil. He set them besides his guns, measured and positioned it near the window.  He moved the blinds aside slightly. Just enough to allow the moonlight to come through. He then removed his necklace, dislodged the emerald jewel and planted it deep in the black earth.

The next moment, he stripped off more of his clothing until he was standing in front of her bed nude. He stared at her for a moment, grabbed her cloak and silently moved to the cleaner. He stuck his clothes mixed with her cloak in the cleaner and turned it on, still Bomba lay in bed. Why was she able to sleep through all that? He walked into the bathroom in all of his glory. She looked away for a moment, but like a shuttle wreck she couldn’t help but stare. Some force pulled her into the bathroom. It wasn’t the first time she had seen a man nude. She had seen several images on the net. So why did this feel different?

His body looked as if was carved out of wood. A result of his chloroman heritage? He rubbed his fingers through his dark green hair. He fingered through the apparatus at the base of the mirror and grabbed a sonic shaver. He edged his hair and cut it two inches shorter. In mere moments it was a short textured version of the previous hair style. He turned on the sonic shower and then closed the door. The images disappeared and Bomba walked outside of the bath room and sat on the bed.

Fifteen minutes later, the image reappeared. An image of Zion stepping out of the bathroom. He then opens the cleaner and places his clothes on, along with her cloak. She clenched her fist as he walked toward the door, but unclenched when he stopped and looked once again at her. He came back and covered her with layers of covers. He then searched the desk. He pulled out a deck of playing cards, studied them for a moment and then placed them in his pocket. He searched even more until he found synthetic paper and a pen. He wrote on it and placed the sheet under her head. After he left, the image flickered again. “Mistress, you slept four more hours after he left.”

“End recording,” Bomba said.

Martha reappeared. “I took the liberty to search the cameras of the city. There is no record that he has even left the building.”

“No, he would know to avoid actual and potential cameras. Kiyah could do the same thing.”

“What would you like me to do?”

Bomba played with her fingers. “This pile of dirt. What is in it?”

“A seed,” Martha said. “A techno-organic seed to be exact, the likes of which I have never seen.”

“Oh, what is so special about it?”

“I have tried to discern its end-result based on the data, but I have found nothing. I have tried to communicate with it or at least read its code. A firewall protects its code and it doesn’t communicate. It just grows. Rather quickly. Assuming that the container will contain the roots, I imagine that it will reach full fruition by nightfall.”

“Interesting. I guess I will have to wait until he returns, because there is no way I can track him.”

“What will you do?”

“I surely will not stay here and wait for him. I will keep my end of the bargain and get his tesseract bag. Find the closest subspace communicator.”

“I have found it, but I worry that a bounty hunter may recognize you.”

“Not on this planet. Zion chose this planet well. There are bounty hunters here, but there are many more with bounties on their heads. Most of whom, the planet caters to. Anyone seeking a bounty would do so with, very little local aid. It would be a foolish endeavor.”

End of Part One of Chapter Four.
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