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Team Savant {Unknown Chapter 2 of 3}

A shy stutterer became friends with a narcoleptic girl, a telepath that looks surprisingly like the Roswell alien, a guy with three eyes, a water breathing princess with blue skin and a girl who can split herself into three people. From that day forward, he became Savant, the boy with a saber tooth tiger in his head. He along with his friends are Team Savant, the greatest cadet action team in the known universe.
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Deragon’s psionic heart quickened. Savant and Isis were locked in combat mode. Nathaniel’s mind focused solely on the dangerous robots in front of him. Deragon did not doubt that the Earthian would die and because he was tethered psionically to him, Deragon would die too…

As the robots lined up in front of the two cadets, Nathaniel’s parents banged against the shielding. They turned to Deragon, but he had no reason to listen to them. Death was knocking at his door and two older Earthians pleading for their son’s life didn’t register high on his—what do the Earthians call it? Bucket list.

Deragon cringed as Isis shuffled forward and struck down one of the robots. Two of the others immediately attacked her, while the other one charged Nathaniel. To Nathaniel’s credit, he was smart enough to keep his distance. While Isis pushed forward, Nathaniel slid back, to the side and then to the other side. He practically danced his way to safety, ducking around a tree and leaping for the porch. He cut through the supports of the roof of the porch. Large pieces of the roof fell in his wake, hindering the pursuing robot.

Isis did well against the robots. She was smart enough to prevent two of them from grappling her, but in her attempt to avoid being grappled, it gave a third a clear shot. He held his hand as a child would a finger gun and fired. Nathaniel appeared in front of her almost as if he had anticipated the shot. He blocked the laser blast with his sword, deflecting the shot. The errant shot struck the fourth robot as it emerged from the destroyed roof.

Deragon’s heart lifted. A renewed respect for Savant gave him hope. Maybe, he would live today.

“Follow me,” Nathaniel said. He ran quickly toward the robot that fired, the first shot. “Split left.” The robot fired another shot where the two cadets used to be. Nathaniel stepped kick and sailed toward the robot. A quick slash partially severed the robots neck. Isis, who had performed the same move maybe an instant after Nathaniel; grabbed the robot’s head and removed it from his body.

“Yes!” Deragon said. The psionic saber tooth tiger regained his composure. “I mean…wonderful tactic cadets.”

“Look, Derrick,” Nathaniel’s father said.

“Deragon. And leave me be—I need to concentrate on this fight. Your son may need me to save his life at any moment.”

“But that’s just it,” James said. “He shouldn’t be fighting.”

“I don’t know, if he has a choice,” Martha said. “Those things are trying to hurt him.”

“But they are not supposed to,” James said.

Deragon cut his eyes from the fight. “What are you two on about?” He listened to their story and shook his head. “It doesn’t matter now. I can hear what he hears. However, this shield is sound proof and Savant has cut his mind off from me to concentrate on this fight…”

Nathaniel and Isis had downed two and had two more to go. Unfortunately, the other two realized close combat was a specialty for Team Savant and lay suppressing fire down from a distant. The two were separate now, but somehow he knew Nathaniel had a plan. A short time ago, when Deragon had a Templusian body, he used his powers to suppress Nathaniel and his team. It did not end well for Deragon--that day he lost his body.

Nathaniel sent hand signals to Isis who nodded and stood up. She was using a tree for cover. She climbed the tree as Nathaniel scuttled toward the robot with a hole in his head. He somehow found the strength to lift the robot with one hand and charge the two remaining robots on an apparent suicide run. The robots fired upon the body of their robotic friend and just as he was beyond the point of no return, a sky blue Aquarian landed on top of the robots smashing their heads with simultaneous hammer fists. The two robots dropped to their knees and fell forward.

Deragon smiled. “I hate those cadets.”

Still on alert, Isis and Savant surveyed the area. She nodded and Nathaniel gave the all clear to Deragon. Isis wrapped her arms around him and squeezed him tight as Deragon released the barrier around his parents. “That was a wonderful battle,” Isis said.

“I—Isis…crushing me.”

She released him. “Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.” She dusted him off.

Nathaniel turned to Deragon, simultaneously opening his mind to Deragon’s thoughts and knowledge. A look formed on his face that brought a smile to Deragon’s face. “Proteus?” Nathaniel raised an eyebrow.

Isis turned toward Deragon and then to Nathaniel. “What about Headmaster Proteus?”

“He sent those robots,” Martha said. “To protect us.”

“Protect you? Why didn’t he tell me?” Nathaniel asked.

“Why don’t you ask me yourself?” A hologram formed over one of the sad broken robots…a hologram of the head master of Union Academy. His face was grim.

Today was a good day.

The End of Chapter 2 of 3

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