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Team Savant {Unknown Chapter 3 of 3}

A shy stutterer became friends with a narcoleptic girl, a telepath that looks surprisingly like the Roswell alien, a guy with three eyes, a water breathing princess with blue skin and a girl who can split herself into three people. From that day forward, he became Savant, the boy with a saber tooth tiger in his head. He along with his friends are Team Savant, the greatest cadet action team in the known universe.
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The hologram of Proteus studied the damaged area. He turned to James and Martha Devereaux. “I will send a clean-up crew here in a day—if there are any expenses; do not worry. We will compensate.”

“Thanks Pro,” James said.

“You are welcome…Jay.” He turned to Nathaniel. “Impressive amount of chaos, cadet.”

“I take full responsibility,” Nathaniel said.

“I was a willing participant,” Isis said.

“I ordered her,” Nathaniel said.

“Do not lie to protect me,” Isis said. “I chose to be by your side.”

James chuckled. “Son, you better keep her.”

“Let him graduate from college before you give him away,” Martha said.

  Proteus held out his hand. “The others are here.” The rest of the team showed up in a small shuttle. It landed in front of the house and transformed into a grey and red Earthian vehicle. A van? Deragon remembered Nathaniel speaking of Earthian vehicles shaped like a box—maybe a train? Deragon dismissed the thought.

The cadets stepped out gingerly—weapons in hand. “Put those away,” Proteus said.

Zorn stiffened. “Yes sir.” He ducked back into the vehicle. The others followed.

Proteus turned to Nathaniel. His dark eyes narrowed. “Admittedly, the program for the robots is evolving. They are ill-equipped to distinguish between friend or foe…. So, what did you do wrong?”

“I attacked first,” Isis said.

“No,” Nathaniel said. “I came in prepared for combat. I approached like…”

“A soldier,” Proteus finished. “And if you were a soldier fighting a battle, what you did today would be something remarkable.” He paused as Nathaniel’s complete crew rushed forward. “But the part of you that is a soldier is only a small part of who you are.” He sighed.

His fellow Datrevian stepped forward. “Sir,” Zorn said, “there is much I don’t know, but if you were aware of the battle, couldn’t you initiate the kill sequence?”

A small smile appeared on Proteus face. “Very astute. The robots were destroyed before the kill sequence reached earth. I am communicating via tachyon interface, but the sequence was sent through subspace transmission. We don’t have the budget for more tachyon controls. We don’t have the budget for most things. Thus cadets like you must act as enlisted soldiers.”

“We understand,” Nathaniel said. “But we wish to remain active, I will accept punishment, but please don’t punish my team.”

Proteus shook his head. “No, you will not be punished, but you will be forced to go on vacation for a week. Some place where you will stay out of trouble.”

“With all due respect,” Jon said as he covered his third eye. “Trouble tends to follow Earthians and we have two on the team.” The Triclopian shifted his feet. “No offense.”

“Offense taken,” Angela said.

“I have chosen a planet for you, where even you will not get into trouble.” He paused. “You must remember that you are future leaders—there is a place for diplomacy. Right? Cadet Captain Nathaniel Devereaux Diplomat of Earthia.”

Nathaniel looked down. “Yes sir.”

Proteus nodded and the image disappeared.

Angela punched Nathaniel in the arm. “You couldn’t wait for us?”

Nathaniel rubbed his arm. “Sorry.”

Deragon shoulders tighten as a hand patted him on the head. “Thanks for helping us,” Nathaniel’s mother said.

“Martha…” Deragon swung his head away. “I—I was just doing as I was told.”

“Still, thanks.” Martha walked away and joined the rest as they studied the broken robots.

Jon held up a head. “Fifteen credits say this is Isis’s handiwork.”

“It was a joint effort,” Isis said.

Deragon walked over to Nathaniel who appeared lost in deep thought. “Tell me,” Deragon said. “How were you able to fight robots are use a sword with enough efficiency to block lasers? Your ability to see patterns and read body languages cannot help you against a robot.”

Nathaniel shrugged. “Everything has a pattern. Every program has a pattern. It took me a moment to discern the pattern of the robots hand to hand fighting style. The difficulty was the laser fire. I suspected they would use long range attacks once their probability generator dropped below forty-percent success in hand-to-hand combat. I use the likelihood they would fire for a vital area, the width of my blade, and my own martial arts training. I surmised that I had a sixty-seven percent chance of blocking their lasers, a two percent chance of reflecting the shot back and a zero point zero, zero, one, five percent chance of taking out another enemy.”

“Insane. I am stuck in the head of an insane cadet.”

“Insanity is relative,” Zorn said. He placed his hand on Nathaniel’s shoulder. “Don’t be so down on yourself. Proteus was proud.”

“He was also worried.”

“We should be worried,” Jon said. “If old Datrevian Proteus is sending us on a relaxing vacation to a planet of his choice, I know exactly where he is sending us.”

“Where is that?” Zorn asked.

“Planet Hela…”

Isis squealed. “That is an excellent planet. They have singing, games and stuffed animals and rides where you just go in a circle all day long!”

Jon pinched his nose. “It is a place for little children.”

Isis glared. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Angela pounded her fist. “I owe you one for the trouble remark.”

“Now. Now. Girls,” Martha placed her hand on Angela and Isis’s shoulder. “We have had enough violence for today. “Come on, you ladies can tell me all about your adventures while I prepare enough food for everyone.” She walked past them and toward Nathaniel. She slapped him gently on the face. “We love you too, but next time call first.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Come on James,” Martha said. “I need your help.”

James followed behind Isis and stopped in front of his son. “Nice moves back there. Heh. My son’s a ninja.” He walked away, and quickly rounded the corner of the house.

Jon followed for a moment and stopped. He turned around. “Are you coming?”

“I am going to start cleaning up my mess,” Nathaniel said.

“I will stay and help too,” Zorn said.

“I as well,” Deragon said.

All of the cadets turned toward him.

“My abilities would be useful in this situation,” Deragon said. “Besides, I would like to stay out in the real world for a while.”

Nathaniel smiled. “Sure, I will increase your range and you can roam the area.”

The smile caught Deragon off guard. “I don’t want your pity. I am just a tool that you use as you see fit.”

“No. Deragon, you are not just a tool. I apologize for making you feel that way.”

Deragon looked away. ”Whatever.”

“Ugh, what do I do?” Jon asked aloud. “Angela and Isis are plotting to kill me and the two of you are about to have a romantic moment.”

Deragon growled. “Moment? You might as well live your life with no regret." He purposely narrowed his eyes. "As soon as I escape Savant... Jon, you are the first one that I am going to eat.”

Jon mumbled and walked away.

He sensed Nathaniel’s gaze as he used his telekinetic power to lift two of the robots. “What is it?” Deragon continued working.

“Nothing. I just thought about what Proteus said. That we are not just soldiers, but that is our environment. Are we a product of our environment or is our environment a product of who we are? Something to ponder.”

“Sounds like a bunch of kravitz to me. “

End of Unknown
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