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Team Savant {Unknown Chapter 1 of 3}

A shy stutterer became friends with a narcoleptic girl, a telepath that looks surprisingly like the Roswell alien, a guy with three eyes, a water breathing princess with blue skin and a girl who can split herself into three people. From that day forward, he became Savant, the boy with a saber tooth tiger in his head. He along with his friends are Team Savant, the greatest cadet action team in the known universe.
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Deragon’s world quaked. Not that he was concerned about the mindscape he inhabited; the mind of Savant was uniquely powerful. He was neither telepath nor telekinetic, but he possessed a will strong enough to crack the world. Fortunately for the rest of the universe, the young Earthian didn’t realize his full potential.

There were moments he tapped into the wellspring of his ability. One such moment led to Deragon’s capture. In truth, if the child hadn’t taken his mind from his physical body and trapped it in his own psyche, Deragon would be dead now. Killed by his own people. For that, Deragon was somewhat grateful. However, to be beaten by a team of teenagers and trapped in the mind of their near-powerless leader…no words could describe his dishonor.

But he learned a lesson about the individual, Savant. If one wanted to draw out his true power, one only needed to threaten what was important to him—the people he cared about.

The strength of will threatening to shake the replica of the African plains apart, suggested someone or something had threatened Savant’s loved ones. Deragon jumped down from his rock, he closed the gap to the edge of his artificial world and the vast space of Nathaniel Devereaux’s mind. “Nathaniel!”

The Earthian opened his mind to the Templusian. Now he saw what his host saw. No words were spoken, just a short-termed memory. An alarm, instrument check and confirmation—his parents were in danger. A chill traveled down Deragon’s spine. He flexed his muscles—the sinews of his saber tooth body taut. Why did he care? Sure if the boy died, he would die too, but the lives of his parents were meaningless.

“Nate, we are in earth space,” Angela said.

“I am going to do a halo drop,” Nathaniel said. “We don’t want to disturb the atmosphere by dropping this ship too quickly.”

“What do you mean, I?” Jon turned to him. “We are doing this as a team. Your family is our family.”

“I am acting as the first wave of the attack,” Nathaniel said. “I can get down there faster. Zorn will lead a team for back up.” He turned to Zorn. “Can you maintain a telepathic connection?”

“I will try, Nathaniel, but you haven’t even called Deragon and your mind is already creating psychic static.”

“I am trying to remain calm—“

“And we understand,” Isis said, “but for the same reason. You should not go alone. I will go with you. Angela has to fly the ship, and I can survive the fall, if anything goes wrong.”

“I don’t have to fly the ship,” Angela said.

Isis jerked her head toward Angela. An understanding passed between them. “Yes, but if we have to hit hard,” Isis said, “I am the one to do it.”

Deragon smiled. The Aquarian loved the Earthian. She loved Nathaniel enough to put herself in harm’s way for him. Nathaniel loved Isis just as much. Both of them too dumb to tell one another how they felt.

  “It is a good idea,” Nathaniel said. “We are going in weaponless—can’t risk going in and giving away Union-sanctioned technology. Zorn, after assessing the situation, do what you think is best.”

“Understood,” Zorn said.

Nathaniel exited the bridge, followed closely by Isis. They marched to the docking bay and placed on their space suits. “Nate, we are in position,” Angela said.

Nathaniel used Earthian sign language to signal level three. Deragon’s artificial world de-materialized and was remade into the real world. He stood between the two of them. Nathaniel turned to him. “Do you understand the situation?”

“Of course I do,” Deragon said.

Nathaniel nodded and hopped on Deragon’s back. Isis climbed on behind him. “Open bay doors,” Nathaniel said.

The doors opened and the tiger and his passengers jumped into the silence of space. A field of energy formed around them, protecting them from the heat as they pierced Earth’s atmosphere. Nathaniel placed his hand at the nape of Deragon’s neck—maintaining contact with him. Truth be told, they were bonded in ways beyond physical touch. Deragon couldn’t cast him off, even if he wanted. Isis on the other hand, gripped both Savant and Deragon with a powerful grip. A grip that would have normally crushed their young leader, had it not been for Deragon’s field strengthening his body.

As much satisfaction as he drew from the boy relying on his power, he drew even more from the fear of Isis. Whatever you are thinking Deragon, don’t try it. I am not in the mood, Nathaniel said in Deragon’s head.

I am only recognizing that you are using my power and the girl fears me. It makes this prison you placed me in a little bearable.

I don’t have time for this, but you would do well to remember that you imprisoned yourself when you attacked my friends.

Deragon thought better of responding. He focused on the jewel of a planet rushing at them. He followed Nathaniel’s directions and increased speed, approaching the land with an ever evolving curve. The left splintered trees and a crater where they landed. Deragon bounded out of the crater, his passengers unharmed. They were fifteen miles from their destination, flying above the trees to a rustic area.

“I can see your parents,” Isis said. “They do not appear distressed. They are eating outside. Is that normal?”

“Since moving near grandma, they have picnics more. Do you sense anything?”

Deragon shook his head. “Nothing but your parents. This is a false alarm.”

Nathaniel tapped his ruby red lensed glasses. “All stop.”

Deragon hovered.

Nathaniel studied the house, no doubt using his ability to catalog and predict patterns. “The sequence of the flower petals…it should be Fibonacci. God doesn’t play dice.” He dropped his hand. “No time to waste. Isis, send a level eight alert to Jon. We will execute hostage plan A-1.”

“This is foolishness,” Deragon said.

“Don’t get neutered,” Nathaniel said with a coldness that caught Deragon off guard. Fear crawled down his spine.

“I am blitzing,” Deragon said as he steeled himself and broke the sound barrier. He appeared right in front of Nathaniel’s parents, who were enjoying an Earthian meal.

James Devereaux dropped his rib. “Nate?”

Deragon created a new energy field that encompassed all of them in a barrier strong enough to withstand a nuclear attack. Deragon turned to the flowers planted in front of the house and stared. “I see.”

Nathaniel climbed down. “Mom, is my replica of Mace Windu’s light saber still in my room?”

Martha Devereaux frowned. “Yes. Are we under attack?”

“We believe so, Mother Savant,” Isis said.

“Cadet,” Deragon said, “before you is a Grade A hologram. Your pattern ability works on living things. Let me—“

“You will protect my parents. Isis and I can handle this.” He stepped forward. “Make a hole.”

Deragon opened a door in front of Isis. Nathaniel glared at him. Isis placed a hand on Nathaniel’s shoulder. “He is right. I am more durable and I heal faster.”

Nathaniel nodded. He followed Isis out of the field. Deragon closed it behind them. Nathaniel held his wrist monitor to his mouth. “Password,” Nathaniel said. “Mace Windu Lives.” A slender metallic cylinder flew out of Nathaniel’s room’s window. He held his hand up and caught it. It was like the hilts of a medieval Templusion sword, but no blade.

“You don’t have to hide anymore,” Isis said. “I can smell the polymer, oil and metal.”

The four bushes dropped their hologram and four bronze robots stood up. One alone could kill Nathaniel’s entire squad. What could he and an Aquarian do against the four of them? Deragon would need to save them for self-preservation, but he was bound by Savant’s orders.

Nathaniel pressed a button on the cylinder. Guards extended from the side of the hilt of the sword and a slender antenna extended from the hilt itself, for a little over a meter. It ignited with purple energy into a fully functional light sword. Nathaniel cursed the robots in Gnornian. “You picked the wrong family to mess with.”  
The End of Chapter One of Unknown

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