Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Book of Ruth: Finding #Love the Biblical Way {Finding Boaz Part VI~Diet Boaz}

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I am a romantic at heart. No, I am not a romance novelist. However, every book that I have written has a romantic element. I am a fan of love. I love seeing happy couples together and cringe when I see unhappy couples tolerating one another—I see that a lot. When I read the book of Ruth, I was fascinated. They actually dated in biblical times. Who knew? Seriously, I read it and I want to share what I learned. I don’t know how long this series will last, but I will keep going until it is done.

I had a friend from my college year who was a definite Ruth type. She was one of those special women who recognize that she can balance getting an education and finding a suitable mate. However, she met several good guys but it didn’t quite work out. After talking to her…well actually, I was listening to her. An important skill to have, but man could this girl talk and talk and talk…

Anyway, I realized that she had a Diet Boaz. A Diet Boaz is a pseudo Boaz. No different from a diet soft drink in that the outside looks similar to the real thing, the inside has a similar taste to the real thing but it was not the real thing. We often drink diet soda because we believe that it is as good as the real thing. But that is hardly the case. A Diet Boaz is a surrogate boyfriend.

We have all had surrogates. Someone willing to complete the duties of the real deal without any attachments—what’s worse is that the both of you are satisfied with what little you give one another. In addition, you have no desire to make a real relationship work, because a real relationship is…work.

You two are happy giving each other only a piece of your heart because you don’t want to put in the work. But are you truly happy? Is your diet drink truly happy? What if Diet Boaz decides that he wants to have more in his life? Do you realize how easy it is to walk away when you are simply a substitute?

Let me tell you something about men.

Yes, we tend to walk away seemingly faster than women do. But that is only true if we are not in love. In truth, and I am willing to bet that there is data to support this, men fall in love harder than women.  It sounds unbelievable but it has been my observation that we have a harder time letting go. But I also believe that we can walk away faster when we believe that we can do better. When Diet Boaz doesn’t want to be Diet Boaz anymore he will seek out the real deal, which means he will drop his Diet Ruth to search for his actual Ruth.

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