Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Book of Ruth: Finding #Love the Biblical Way {Getting Boaz attention Part III~Approach with confidence}

I will post flash fiction Friday and Saturday. And I will return to the story of Ruth and the search for Love, next Tuesday.

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I am a romantic at heart. No, I am not a romance novelist. However, every book that I have written has a romantic element. I am a fan of love. I love seeing happy couples together and cringe when I see unhappy couples tolerating one another—I see that a lot. When I read the book of Ruth, I was fascinated. They actually dated in biblical times. Who knew? Seriously, I read it and I want to share what I learned. I don’t know how long this series will last, but I will keep going until it is done.

The cougar I mention in an earlier post has an easier job approaching a guy with confidence. She got it figured out and experience is an excellent teacher. That is why it was important for Ruth to listen to Naomi.  And why it is important for us to study Ruth for the wisdom it brings.

Now, those I call the sheep have it a little harder than the cougar. They are the ones who do very little to appear alluring. Either because they don’t want to or they don’t know how. They lack the confidence that comes with a man’s jaw dropping when they walk in the room. There are exceptions; some sheep are blessed with a beauty and physicality that is hard to hide.

I am partial to the sheep. Not because I am that great of a man, but simply because I like the mystery of the sheep. No offense to the cougar-type, but the mystery is sexier than the known. Moreover, when you are wearing the tightest, shortest, and sheerest outfit—it does not leave a lot to the imagination.

But there is such thing as too much mystery.

So far, we have talked about what is on the outside instead of what is on the inside. What I think could serve the sheep is having the confidence that the cougar has. The feeling that comes with knowing that you can make a man injure his neck when you walk by. Moreover, you don’t have to dress like Miss America, but you need to carry yourself with that kind confidence.


Because it is attractive. Low confidence doesn’t attract Boaz types. It attracts predators.   

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