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Team Savant {The Voyage Home Chapter 1 of 4}

A shy stutterer became friends with a narcoleptic girl, a telepath that looks surprisingly like the Roswell alien, a guy with three eyes, a water breathing princess with blue skin and a girl who can split herself into three people. From that day forward, he became Savant, the boy with a saber tooth tiger in his head. He along with his friends are Team Savant, the greatest cadet action team in the known universe.

Katra spent most of her adult life on earth, she had possibly another thousand and she wanted to spend the rest of her days there. However, even she had to admit that there was something nice about being in space.

Nathaniel was at home here.

When he emerged with a Union Battle Dress Uniform on, it was as if he had immediately gone from a boy to a man. He was average height for his age, but that still put them at eye level. It was better this way. She was not eager to look down when talking to her unofficial boss. She sat in the shuttle, near Clip’s doghouse. The robotic dog spent most of his time, playing checkers with himself. He would literally run from one side of the board to the other and whimper when he beat himself.

As much fun as Katra was having, she could not wait to get back to earth.

“We are headed to headquarters,” Nathaniel said.

Katra did a double take, just as Zorn buckled up and eased his seat back. The Roswell—looking alien must have read her mind, because he turned around nearly immediately. “There are some official things that have to be done.”

Nathaniel turned his head sideways almost in Katra’s general direction. “I can’t just give you asylum…. Well, I can, but we need to make this official and make sure that Union sends political or military officials to help the wives of that jerk king of yours.”

“And he wants to see, Isis.” Zorn smiled.

“I would also like to see Angela, Kagome and Jon.”

“Right,” Zorn said.

“Well, she would be upset if she knew I was this close and didn’t come by to see her. She is a princess, you don’t just tell a princess no.”

“You tell her no all the time.”

“I can’t just leave my planet and live on Aquaria; I don’t care how close it is to Union headquarters. And what would my parents say? They would assume the worse.”

“Excuse me,” Katra said. “Is Aquaria a planet? And who is your girlfriend?”

“Isis,” Zorn said.

“She is not my girlfriend, officially. I mean we really haven’t talked about it…. She’s a princess and that makes it complicated.”

“Isis is from Aquaria, the water planet. They joined Union a few decades ago. They are known for their strength and ability to breathe under water.”

“Breathe under water? Are you dating a fish?”

Nathaniel whipped around. “No. She is a humanoid. She just lives and breathes underwater.”

“Oh. Kay. A mermaid?”

“She has legs just like we do.” Nathaniel turned around. “And she is beautiful,” he said softly.

Katra decided not to question him, but she couldn’t wrap her mind around a humanoid living underwater. This Isis must have had the build of a pro-wrestler on steroids. She looked at Nathaniel. This version of him could probably have any one he wanted. His extremely high afro-fade and red glasses gave him a rock star look. Why would he date someone that looked like that? Eh, to each his own.

They travelled for hours in space. Zorn and Nathaniel argued back and forth about which music was better. Nathaniel claimed that Datrevian classical music was the best he had heard, something about moving patterns. While Zorn claimed that modern Earthian music was the best, it was all about the emotions. She learned a lot about the two of them. In another world—they could have been brothers.

Moments later, a larger ship hailed them. A bird shaped silver ship. “Hello Savant, ready to board the Starship Savant?” The voice filled the entire shuttle, but the monitor screen was blank.

“Seriously,” Nathaniel said. “We have to change the name of this ship. It can’t have the same name as my call sign.”

“Your ship doesn’t have visual,” the female said. “Why is that?”

“Not in the budget.”

She sighed. “Come on board.”

Nathaniel eased the ship inside and in a moment, the three of them were exiting the little shuttle. “You have to admit that; Team Savant, Cadet Captain Savant and Starship Savant is redundant,” Zorn said.

“But I didn’t name any of it,” Nathaniel said. “I didn’t even name myself Savant.”

“I know. But soon there will be only you and we will be lost in the background.”

Nathaniel stopped. “How can you say that? I wouldn’t be—“

The doors burst open and a slender girl as tall as a high school basketball center came through the door. Even with blue skin, she could not hide her emotions as she ran to Nathaniel. Her eyes glistened as she wrapped her arms around him. “Savant.”


Katra turned to Nathaniel. Why was he stuttering?  The girl was stunning. Did her beauty shake the unshakeable? Isis was more beautiful than Katra imagined. She could have been a teenage model on earth.

“I—I  m—missed you,” Nathaniel said.

“I missed you too.” She cocked her head sideways. “Have you changed your mind? You don’t have to stay on the same side of the planet. Just close enough for me to visit. Or we could set up a post on one of our moons.”


“I am here too,” Zorn said.

She held up her hand. “I saw you last week.” She then looked to Katra with a pair of piercing blue eyes that matched her skin.  She frowned. “I have staked my claim to Savant. Do you wish to challenge me?”

“Say what?”

She must have noticed your pheromones. You should back away and tell her no. You do not want to challenge her. Zorn said telepathically.

Challenge her for what? Pheromones? She smells me? Wait, I adore Nathaniel, as a teacher adores her favorite student. You know the one that actually knows the answer to the questions! Katra responded.

Isis is not familiar with your species—or your scent.

“Katra is my subordinate,” Nathaniel said.

“She is going to work with you while you are on earth?”

“Yes, but—“

A blonde human girl came through next; followed by an older woman and another young man. The young man wore a headband that was as colorful as a rainbow. The blonde girl cut in on Isis and hugged Nathaniel. She kissed him on the cheek. “Hey, Nate!” 

Katra stepped back and took a breath. Wait, so the blonde girl can invade his space but Isis is about to cut me for looking at him the wrong way?

Pheromones. She is familiar with Angela. Angela and Nate are the only two humans in Union. The others you see are from different worlds. The two of them have a strong bond. Something akin to siblings. But more.

Katra sighed. “Your highness, Cadet Captain Savant is my employer as the official diplomat of earth. I do not wish to challenge you for him. I wish you both much happiness.”

Nathaniel turned to Isis. “See?”

She folded her arms. “Fine.”

Nathaniel introduced Katra to the rest of Team Savant. Kagome stepped up. “Now that we have all of the pleasantries out of the way, we have a short mission before we head to the academy.”

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