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Team Savant {The Voyage Home Chapter 2 of 4}

A shy stutterer became friends with a narcoleptic girl, a telepath that looks surprisingly like the Roswell alien, a guy with three eyes, a water breathing princess with blue skin and a girl who can split herself into three people. From that day forward, he became Savant, the boy with a saber tooth tiger in his head. He along with his friends are Team Savant, the greatest cadet action team in the known universe.

As soon as Nathaniel heard the word mission he straightened, pushed up his glasses and walked forward, immediately pushing toward the command deck. “We will need to run simulations before we get there. Katra, I am going to need you to stay in your quarters if it gets dangerous. Jon I want you on the weapons array. Zorn, you are on tactical. Angela and Isis you are our helmsmen. I have been out of action so long, Kagome, I think it is best that I serve only as a second—if that is all right with you.” He stopped once he made it to the command deck and turned around to see his friends sniggering. “Did I do something wrong?”  

“Hold your horses,” Kagome said. “This is a simple repair mission. There is a cruise ship stranded near sector 137. Their communications went out ten minutes ago. We are to provide support until a proper repair team comes.”

“Oh,” Nathaniel said.

“Don’t sound so disappointed,” Jon said. “You can get a ton of glory on your own time. Some of us don’t like running head long into danger.”

“Hush,” Kagome said. “In a time of war it is important that we remain ever diligent. On the other hand, you must protect the part of you that can shine during a time of peace.”

“A time of peace?”

“Yes, have you considered what you will do, once this war is over?”

“Yes, the Union forces are peace keepers. I am sure I will find a place.”

“There is more to life than serving others,” Isis said. “There must always be balanced.”

Nathaniel rubbed the back of his head. “Yes ma’am.”

“Now,” Kagome said. “We will go with Savant’s orders, with some modification. Katra, you can stay on the bridge with me.”

“I would love to,” Katra said.

The flight to the cruise ship was short. Shortened possibly by Jon’s stories about growing up on a farm. Angela had similar stories while the others remained largely quiet. Isis spoke of her childhood in private moments, like when they went on a bicycle ride down the Triclopian Hills of Dundar. Or fishing in the seas of Rigellia. Zorn too didn’t talk as much. He after all was engineered to have telepathy. He spent most of his childhood under his parent’s thumb. Nathaniel had no such problems with his parents. Coming home was a dream. It was the hours upon hours of being among insensitive kids in school that made his life difficult.

When they made it to the ship, it looked like a scene right out of Scooby Doo—in space. The lights were off. The ship rotated slowly as if some huge hand had spun it like a top. The engine appeared damaged by an outside force. Why wasn’t that in the report? There was something more going on.

Be wary, Deragon said in his head. Nathaniel didn’t question the tiger’s motive. After all, he was a psychic entity, connected to Nathaniel’s life.

“It’s a trap,” Zorn said, echoing everyone’s sentiments.

“Hold position,” Kagome said to Angela.

Angela immediately stopped the ship. Nathaniel stared beyond the ship.

“If they wanted to attack us, would they have already done so?” Isis asked.

“Not, unless the attack was dependent upon how close we got to the wounded ship,” Jon said.

“But there are people aboard,” Kagome said. “We should negotiate with the captors. Open a hailing frequency.”

“Commander,” Nathaniel said. “There are only a few empires capable of cloaking their ships. In either case we should see a distortion in space.”

“We don’t have the technology.”

“But Jon was born with the talent,” Nathaniel said.

Kagome nodded. She turned to Jon. “What do you see?”

Jon removed the headband, revealing his third eye, and stared at the screen. “Pull back, please.”


Angela pulled the ship back. “Tell me when.”

“When,” Jon said.

The ship stopped.

“I got nothing.”

“But it is a blatant trap,” Zorn said.

Nathaniel nodded. “It is done by amateurs.”

“Pirates?” Isis folded her arms.

“Make’s sense,” Kagome said. “But still an unnecessary danger. We can let the professionals handle this.”

Isis’s screen lit up. “We are being hailed, by the cruiser.”

“I guess they their communications are fixed. Put them through.”

Isis pressed a button, and the Captain of the ship appeared. He was stiff with worry lines all over his face. “This is Captain Hitsuru. We could use your help immediately. We have a—“

He glanced to the side at some one. Perhaps it was the man that the shadow belonged too. “Pregnant woman who needs immediate attention and countless that are hurt.”

“We are experiencing some difficulty,” Kagome said. “Please hold on a bit longer.” She signaled to Isis to end transmission. She stood up. “Cadet Captain Devereaux, you have the bridge.”

“You know I can’t let that happen,” Nathaniel said.

“Don’t get full of yourself,” Kagome said.

“It is regulations,” Zorn said. “The senior commander shouldn’t go into a precarious situation and if he must, he or she must take an adequate team.”

“An adequate team would require stealth, but power may be needed for back-up,” Nathaniel said. “Jon, Zorn and Angela would be the best for stealth, but in terms of pure power—“

“I know the make-up of this team, Cadet. I put it together.” Kagome rubbed her chin. “I will send Kaywon with you. We will go with a balanced team. I want you to get in there, assess the situation, and we will plan accordingly.”

“Yes, Commander.”

“A team of four: Kaywon, Savant, Jon, and Angela.”

“I wish to go,” Isis said as she swiveled around.

“I gave my order,” Kagome said as she stood up. She clasped her hands together. It was similar to the pose Nathaniel took when he released Deragon. “Infiltration Team; be careful. It’s dark and I am sorry but we are short on supplies. No night visor. Only weapon available are the power batons and power staffs.”


“Princess Isis,” Nathaniel said. He walked over and placed his hand on his shoulder. “If you are on this team, then I can be on this team. We represent the power for this team. You, Zorn, Kaytoo, and Kagome are needed on the recovery team.”

Isis nodded. “I understand. My apologies Commander for speaking out of turn.”

“It’s fine.” Gelatinous tissue formed on Kagome’s skin. It multiplied and formed two versions of her. Kaytoo, once fully formed, attempted to rush Nathaniel, but Kagome quickly grabbed her and set her down on the floor.

Kaywon stepped forward and looked at Nathaniel. “Let’s go. Once we make contact, you are the field leader.” She turned to Isis. “Don’t ever question Kagome.”

She turned away from Isis and toward the exit.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the hand of Katra go up.

Nathaniel stopped. “Yes?”

“Okay, I know I am a guest and all of that, but I am hoping to live long enough to be employed by the Earth ambassador…well you. That would make me an employee of Union. And—I know I sound like I am rambling, but can I get a weapon, ‘cause I am listening and it feels like things are about to get real.” 
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