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Team Savant {The Voyage Home Chapter 3 of 4}

A shy stutterer became friends with a narcoleptic girl, a telepath that looks surprisingly like the Roswell alien, a guy with three eyes, a water breathing princess with blue skin and a girl who can split herself into three people. From that day forward, he became Savant, the boy with a saber tooth tiger in his head. He along with his friends are Team Savant, the greatest cadet action team in the known universe.

The four of them waited for Isis to rotate the ship. Her soft voice lit up the radio built into their space suits. “Opening bay doors.”

Angela and the rest of the team activated their booster packs and flew to the dead ship at break neck speeds. Of course, if Angela broke her neck, her bones would just pop back into place and heal. Not so for the others, but because she was so durable, even in stealth situations, she took point.

She flipped and slowed with retro rockets as she approached. Her friends did likewise. Outside, Kaywon manually opened the bay doors. Once opened, Angela entered first, did her ninja slash cheerleading slash free running thing and found cover. She checked for danger and gave Nathaniel and the others a hand signal. Jon entered next, his third eye, wide open. His sight existed on a spectrum beyond most humanoids. In theory, he should have been the first in, but as reckless as Nathaniel was with himself, he was always careful with the team, unless he didn’t have a choice….

Once the full team was inside, Kaywon manually closed the doors and the oxygen dispenser activated. Nathaniel was the first one to take off his helmet. He formed a signal with his hands. “Level one,” he mouthed. His super high-top fade changed from a deep dark brown to a tightly curled white. “We have hostages here,” he said, “and an entire crew of pirates.”

“Can you knock them out?” Kaywon asked.

“I could knock all of them out,” Nathaniel said, “but I can’t be sure it wouldn’t kill some of the older passengers.”


“We get a visual and you report to Kagome,” Nathaniel said. “Jon, we need your visual powers. You take point.”

“I can see well enough,” Angela said.

“Don’t worry,” Nathaniel said. “I will take the second position. You watch our backs.”

Angela nodded. “All right.” She activated her power baton and held the wand in the ready position. She relied on her senses to keep the rear safe as they followed Jon. Truth be told, Jon was the right call. The problem lay in the fact that she deeply cared about the three-eyed guy. She understood the danger of mixing relationships. But despite the problems, she was happy. Was it the same for Isis and Nathaniel? She had warned her—

A sound from above.

Angela twisted and pointed her baton. Something fell down and slashed her leg. She fired and slammed her baton into the creatures head, smashing it. Only a robot, thankfully. She moved quickly to help her teammates, but their battle was already done.

Nathaniel stood over two maybe three twisted robot bodies. “I should have brought Clip. Come on. I can sense them; they are a deck below us. We have been compromised—typical smash and grab.”

“But—“ Jon began.

“No time for buts. Jon we are depending on your pinpoint accuracy. Face this way.” Nathaniel motioned with his hand. “Targets are at ten, two, six, seven and nine. Multiple targets, twenty humanoids and seven robots. Angela and I will take targets at six, seven and nine. Kaywon, back up Jon. Everyone got it?”

The team nodded.

“Level two,” Nathaniel said. He jumped high in the air, charged his weapon and smashed a hole in the floor. He fell to the floor below. As smooth as ice he rolled out of Jon’s way. Jon immediately opened fire when his feet touched down. Angela followed and jumped into the air. Yes, she was reckless too, but she could afford to be.

She cleared a path to Nathaniel. And soon they were back to back fighting men that were stronger than men. “Are you calling Deragon?”

“In this situation? Not a good idea,” Nathaniel said.

They fought in synch. Their movement mirrored water, easy and natural. Nathaniel carried the mantle of a grandmaster of the inter-galactic martial arts, due to his natural ability to see patterns. She would soon be a master because of her natural ability to hit things.

Jon and Kaywon held their own, but out of the corner of her eye, she spied pirates getting ready to ambush the two of them. “Jon! On your six!”

Jon wheeled around and with two power batons blazing, he caught the pirates unaware. She sighed and relaxed just before something hit her like a truck. She rolled several times. Her body healed near instantly, but not before, the next attack. The next attack flew down from above—an android falling down upon her at a height of nine or ten feet. Given that most androids weigh more than three-hundred pounds, she suspected that healing this time would be very painful. Something blurred next to her and caught the android by the under carriage.


He pressed the android and sent him flying through the air. “Jon,” he said.

Jon slid under the flying lump of machinery and placed holes in the android. He continued sliding until he was next to her. “Love, are you all right?”

He was pretty cool too. “Of course, I am.” She attempted to sit up.

Nathaniel held her down. “This battle is over. Rest and heal.” He turned to Jon. “Any pirate that is down. Hit them again. I don’t want any surprises. Any android—“

“Blow their CPU’s out—got it.” He stood up.

“Kaywon. Can you find the lights?”

“Already working on it. I have also contacted Kagome.”

“Please don’t tell her that we got into a firefight.”

“All ready did.”

Nathaniel looked down at Angela. “You are too fast to let anyone hit you with a right cross. When we get back, we are going to discuss your fighting style.”

“You will appreciate my fighting style when I defeat you.”

“Surely, you can think of easier ways to obtain grandmaster rank,” Nathaniel said.

“Yes, but it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun.”

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