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Short Story: Big Trouble in Little Hela {Chapter 3 of 4}

A shy stutterer became friends with a narcoleptic girl, a telepath that looks surprisingly like the Roswell alien, a guy with three eyes, a water breathing princess with blue skin and a girl who can split herself into three people. From that day forward, he became Savant, the boy with a saber tooth tiger in his head. He along with his friends are Team Savant, the greatest cadet action team in the known universe. To read the previous chapter click HERE

“I can’t believe Isis would hold a grudge against me for so long,” Zorn said. He imagined Isis’s planning numerous ways to torture him.

“It’s not always bad. She had to make an example of you since we were in a public place. She has numerous enemies and showing any sign of weakness is not good.”

“So she likes me?”

“No. No. She tolerates you.”

Zorn stared at his feet as he walked, but then he lifted his head. “If she is the queen and you are the future king or some type of prince, aren’t you in danger as well?” Zorn studied the area. “Maybe I should focus my telepathy on potential assassins?”

Nathaniel smiled. “You truly don’t remember anything about this reality. I am not too different than your Savant, except in a way, he is weaker than me.”

“Weaker?” Zorn did a double take. “I feel the need to correct you, but it is odd correcting you, since you are the you that I am defending.”

“His point is valid,” Elmo said.

“What point?” Zorn asked.

“This version of your friend did not save a psychic being and thus has full use of his mental powers.”

Zorn stared at Nathaniel. “Explain please. You are neither telepath, pyrokinetic or telekinetic.”

“He sees patterns,” Elmo said. As Elmo floated through solid objects, Nathaniel and Zorn traversed the sidewalk. “However, the version of him that has full use of his abilities has conquered several worlds.”

“What?” Nathaniel stopped.

Elmo stopped and faced him. “You conquered worlds. Does this bother you?”

“The way you said…am I a tyrant?”

Elmo nodded and floated away.

“I am not a bad person,” Nathaniel said.

“No, you are not, but all living beings are capable of great evil.”

“What about me? Am I capable of great evil?” Zorn asked.

“Yes,” Elmo said. “Nathaniel will not remember any of this, but you are a telepath, so I mustn’t tell you… However, I will tell you that you must trust in your friendship with Nathaniel. Nathaniel the conqueror, he lost much…”

They traveled for another three kilometers before they came to a wreckage. Above the wreckage a swirling mass of pink energy distorted the area. Zorn stopped and stared. Nathaniel studied the ship. “How is this solid, but you are not?”

Elmo reached out and touched Nathaniel. “We are near the event horizon.”

“Then we can physically effect the tear in reality,” Zorn said. “Since your ship is meant to manipulate the space in between realities. Surely you possess a procedure to heal a tear caused by a ship.”

“I knew you were smart enough to grasp the situation,” Elmo said. “No, there is no such procedure, but I believe I can use the ship to fix the tear.”

“What tear?” Nathaniel asked. “Everything looks normal to me.”

“Even with our psychic connection, you can’t see?” Elmo played with his three fingers. “You were our best hope….”

Zorn turned to Nathaniel. “What exactly could he do to that? More importantly, what can we do to that?”

“We need to quickly program the shielding on the computer to heal the herniated reality as I travel back through the opening. Nathaniel has the ability to program, but he is not able to see the tear.”

“So you need me to learn some foreign programming language,” Zorn said. “I must master the language in…”

“At most a day,” Elmo said.

“And save all of reality?” Zorn asked.

Elmo threw his hands up. “Why do you two go immediately to doomsday?”

“Because in my reality,” Zorn said. “If life can go to nure, life will go to nure.”

“Well said,” Nathaniel said. “Good luck Zorn. I believe in you.”

“Believe in me? Are you insane? We are a team. Usually, you come up with some crazy plan, but then I will give it some thought and realize the possibilities.” Zorn rubbed his chin. “My version of you is an excellent programmer,” Zorn said to Nathaniel. “How good are you?”

Nathaniel shrugged. “I am pretty good.”

“He is the best,” Elmo said.

Zorn looked up to the sky. “I am sending you the information right now and you still do not see this huge swirling mass?”

“No,” Nathaniel said.

“We are geniuses,” Zorn said. “We can do this.”

“What can I do?” Nathaniel asked.

“Elmo, set up Nathaniel in front of your computer and teach him the programming language of your ship.”

Nathaniel frowned. “So, you are going with Elmo’s original plan?”

Zorn nodded. “With some revisions.” He turned to Elmo. “I also need access to your computers. I need imagery software written in any Datrevian programming language.”

“An easy request,” Elmo said. “What is it you wish to do?”

“I am going to create a program to mimic what I see,” Zorn said.

“The image has to be a perfect facsimile for this to work,” Elmo said. “Your image has to be dead on, and his calculation has to be dead on based on your image.”

“Not a problem,” Zorn said. “We are an amazing team and I got first prize in an art competition.”

“Art? I don’t recall you competing in art in your reality,” Elmo said.

“You know an awful lot about us,” Nathaniel said. “And we don’t know a thing about you.”

“I am a fan,” Elmo said. “So explain to me how is it possible that you competed in something the average Datrevian shuns and I have no record of you doing so?”

“This conversation is a little creepy,” Zorn said. “If you must know, Datrevia does not keep records of competition in grade school.”
“Grade school?” Elmo pinched his nose. “Maybe reality will collapse.”

The End of Chapter Three of Big Trouble in Little Hela
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