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Short Story: Big Trouble in Little Hela {Chapter 4 of 4}

A shy stutterer became friends with a narcoleptic girl, a telepath that looks surprisingly like the Roswell alien, a guy with three eyes, a water breathing princess with blue skin and a girl who can split herself into three people. From that day forward, he became Savant, the boy with a saber tooth tiger in his head. He along with his friends are Team Savant, the greatest cadet action team in the known universe. To read the previous chapter click HERE

Nathaniel mastered the language in roughly fifteen minutes. He spent the next six hours working on a computer program that would mend the tear in the very fabric of reality. Zorn spent the better part of six hours writing the program and another three hour editing. Lights flickered as Elmo worked furiously to prepare his ship. He finally gave the three-dimensional image to Nathaniel who observed it for an hour before announcing the edits as he worked.
It was during the third simulation that their guests arrived. Four hulking blue men appeared outside of Elmo’s ship. They walked equidistant apart, guns at the ready.
“Aquarian rebels,” Nathaniel said. “They appear to be on steroids.”
“I can’t risk any damage to the ship,” Elmo said.
“There won’t be any damage,” Nathaniel said. “I will draw them away and soon as we are clear, you can take off.”
“I can’t leave you in danger,” Elmo said.
“We are not in any danger,” Nathaniel said.
“Those guys look plenty strong,” Zorn said.
“They are,” Nathaniel said as he stood up.
Zorn stood up as well. “Are they susceptible to telepathic blasts?”
“Normally no,” Nathaniel said. “But you are strong enough to blast through.”
“Doesn’t give me a lot of confidence.”
“Just follow my run pattern,” Nathaniel said.
The two of them stepped out of the ship waved at the rebels and ran for dear life. Blasts of laser fire heated the air around them.   Nathaniel zigged and zagged. Zorn followed as closely as possible, bounding over fallen trees, bushes and rocks. Soon they came to a clearing. “Why are we stopping in an open space?”
“So we can fight.”
“Did you bring a weapon?”
He pointed to three pebbles on the ground. “I could use those, but since you are here, I will go easy.”
The four behemoths bounded into the open space. “Well, if it isn’t our queen’s boy toy.”
“I am your future king,” Nathaniel said.
“You are no king of mine.”
“Well, I guess since you are giving up your citizenship, there is no need to hold back.” He ran forward. “I will take the two on the right,” he said to Zorn. All four of them fired upon him, missing their shots by the narrowest of margins. One abandoned his weapon when he realized the ineffectiveness of the attack. Nathaniel disarmed the other, grabbing his power cell from his weapon and threw it at another assailant. The cell blew up in the face of the giant. He fell forward, his gun discharging as he hit the ground. The blast hit the standing Aquarian squarely in the chest and just like that, the second one was down. Two smarter creatures backtracked while firing. Zorn grabbed the mind of one, they mentally wrestled for a moment, but Zorn was the stronger. He forced him to put his weapon on stun and fire at his friend and then at himself.
Zorn walked over to Nathaniel who hovered over one of the fallen Aquarian. “Is he?”
“No, the blast missed his heart by five centimeters. The first aid I administered will keep him alive until the authorities come.”
A close sonic boom drew their attention the sky. Elmo’s ship entered the tear and disappeared out of their current reality. The tear closed. “We did it!”
“I have to go. I have to find Isis. My Isis.” Nathaniel took off in a sprint. “I will see you on the other side.”
As he ran, reality swirled around him as if flushed down a drain.
Darkness followed.
 Zorn opened his eyes. He was in his bunk. “If that was a dream I will make plans to destroy this planet,” he said.
A thump startled him. He looked over his bed—Nathaniel was sprawled out on the floor. He stood up, grabbed his robe, put it on and limped to the door.
“Hey, what is all the commotion?” Jon asked.
Nathaniel opened the door. Isis was standing there ready to knock on the door. “Hello,” she beamed.
“Isis, are you all right?” Nathaniel asked.
“Yes.” She frowned as she cocked her head sideways.
“I had a bad feeling,” Nathaniel said.
“You had a nightmare, doofus,” Jon said.
“I would still like to run a diagnostic on our ship—maybe scan the planet,” Nathaniel said.
Isis shook her head. “Proteus ordered us to relax,” Isis said. “As the official captain of this mission, I am ordering you to relax.”
Nathaniel nodded. “Yes Cadet Captain.”
“Good. I have plans for us today…be ready at 0930. Bring bathing suits.”
“We will,” Zorn said.
She stared at Zorn and then back to Nathaniel. “I had the strangest dream. I was Queen and you were first in line to be my king.”
Nathaniel straightened. “I dreamed that you got mad at me for bowing to you.”
“Of course, I would.”
“And then there was this ship and a ghost.”
“A ship and a ghost?” Jon laughed. “Sounds like a nightmare to me.  I had a dream that Isis hated Zorn.”
Jon rubbed his head. Remembering the pain administered by Angela. “I am certain that in such a dream…the feeling was mutual.”   

                                                                  The End
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