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Short Story Team Savant: Egg-napped {Chapter 2 of 4}

  A shy stutterer became friends with a narcoleptic girl, a telepath that looks surprisingly like the Roswell alien, a guy with three eyes, a water breathing princess with blue skin and a girl who can split herself into three people. From that day forward, he became Savant, the boy with a saber tooth tiger in his head. He along with his friends are Team Savant, the greatest cadet action team in the known universe. To read the previous chapter click Here to read Chapter 1 of Team Savant: Egg-napped
Nathaniel’s hands blurred as he signed the code to activate Deragon. Psionic energy formed next to him, just as his afro shifted from black to white. The energy form shifted from pink, to red, but then in a final flash it became a silver saber tooth tiger.


The tiger looked around, glared at Angela and then turned to Nathaniel. “What have you gotten yourself into this time?”

“Read my mind,” Nathaniel said.

Deragon nodded. The two seemed to go back and forth…periodically Dergon’s feline features would contort into an odd frown.

“It’s rude for us to talk like this when we have company,” Nathaniel said.

Angela held up her hands. “Oh, don’t mind me. I am only standing right here—next to you.”

Deragon scowled. “My apologies.”

“Wow, your sincerity is underwhelming.”

Nathaniel placed his hand on Angela’s shoulder and squeezed. “Believe it or not, he is trying.”

“I bet.” She slapped her hands together. “So what is the plan? We fly down on a silver tiger?”

“No. We use the anti-gravity boots and we jump. Deragon will be given a wide berth to search for the hostage.”

“Heh,” Deragon said. “I get to hunt.”

“You do not engage,” Nathaniel said, “contact us as soon as you make sensory contact.”

“Harumph,” Deragon said, his face now a painting of boredom.

Angela held up her hand and shook her head. “This is crazy. We are going in without any real equipment.”

“I have my U-phone.”

“Stop kidding. Why would you give Deragon such a wide territory to search?”

Deragon scoffed. “Because I can do it quickly…and maybe Savant is considering ending me.”


“Deragon we already discussed this. A child’s life is at stake, surely that goes against your honor.”

Angela raised her hand. “Uhm Nate. Do you remember that he tried to kill us? In fact, there is a good chance that he killed me, but my abilities kicked into overdrive.”

“You were hardly children,” Deragon said.

“Deragon, go,” Nathaniel said. “You are wasting time.”

Deragon huffed and walked to the exit, to the end of the ramp extending from the ship. He looked back with a toothy smile and jumped.

“I don’t trust him,” Angela said.

“He knows,” Nathaniel said.

“What was he talking about…ending him?”

“The connection to me is what gives him life. By extending it, allowing him to travel thousands of miles away, it not only weakens him, but increases the chance of that connection being interrupted…”

“And that would kill him?”


“Well, he is paranoid. There is no way you would kill him in cold blood, even if he deserved it.”

Nathaniel said nothing as he moved to the main monitor.


“I am picking up some type of anomaly in the atmosphere. I need time to investigate.”

“Do we have time?”

“No. We have a small window. If we jump within the next fifteen seconds, we will land a hundred meters from the Mayor’s home.” He powered his anti-gravity boots, using a hand-held controller. He cocked his head sideways. “Power just dipped a tenth of percent to my boots.”

“It is only a tenth of a percent,” Angela said as she activated her boots as well.

“Yeah.” Nathaniel turned on his personal shield and straightened his tie. “Are our force fields in synch?”

Angela walked over to him. Her force field intermingled with his, allowing her to grab the knot of his tie and jerk down. It gave him a more casual look. “Yep.” She ran to the exit and dived out, missing the ramp and sailing to the ground below.

“Pull your arms and legs in,” Nathaniel said his voice hissing over the earpiece.

“I am off target, aren’t I?”

“Yes. We were supposed to drop and then activate the boots.”

She pulled her legs in. “How far off am I?”

“Doesn’t matter, just key in on my position.”

She spun in the air and located Nathaniel. She lifted her heels and flew toward the single figure. “Almost there.”

“You are plenty close enough. Activate boots.”

Angela pressed her hand-held device and immediately began to slow. Nathaniel however, continued to fall.

“Nathaniel? Why are you still falling?” She pressed her earpiece. Communication was jammed. The weight of her boot shifted from light to heavy and immediately she dropped too. “Electromagnetic pulse?” She tapped her controller multiple times but nothing happened. She placed it in her pocket and contemplated the situation. There was no way for Nathaniel to survive the fall. She could survive the fall if she made sure her head was still intact. But the shield should take care of that…the shield. Why was the shield still working? Why wasn’t important. What was important was the shield was still working. They had a chance if she could make it to Nathaniel in time. She plunged head first, directing her path to Nathaniel, who was doing all he could to slow his descent…

The End of Chapter Two of Egg-napped
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